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Intel CEO Steps Down | Windows 8: 8 Big Benefits

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  Monday, November 19, 2012
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Windows 8: 8 Big Benefits For SMBs
By Kevin Casey
Windows 8 adoption carries some possible trouble and many potential benefits for small and midsize businesses. Use these factors to decide if it's worth the risk.

10 Great Windows 8 Apps
Windows Phone 8 Hit With Random Reboot Bug

Intel CEO Otellini To Step Down
Intel's Paul Otellini, president and CEO, is retiring as Intel stares down a post-PC era favoring mobile chips.

Facebook Adopts Secure Web Pages By Default
Facebook has finally started using HTTPS by default, following a 2010 FTC demand and in the distant footsteps of Google, Twitter, and Hotmail.

6 Ways Amazon Cloud Helped Obama Win
Amazon Web Services played a starring role in President Obama's quest for a second term.

Is Technology Innovation Too Incremental?
Two prominent big thinkers think it is. But I’m not buying their unsupported arguments.

Marketing Analytics: How To Start Without Data Scientists
You don't need a team of highly paid math whizzes to get started with data analytics, says one marketing analytics expert.

Dell's Gale Buy Points To Cloud Focus
Dell issued a dismal earnings report last week but hopes its Gale Technologies acquisition points to a more lucrative future.

RIM CEO: App Store Size Doesn't Matter
RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, pitching BlackBerry 10 in the weeks leading to its release, insists RIM is playing it smart with its app store.

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving." -- W.T. Purkiser


Dell's Gale Buy Points To Cloud Focus
RIM CEO: App Store Size Doesn't Matter
Design on a Dime: 12-Step Plan to Cut Software Costs
Securing Access to SharePoint: Collaboration Best Practices
10 Great Windows 8 Apps
Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges
InformationWeek 2013 Outlook Survey

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Posted By Eddavis:
"One of the most important advantages of a tablet over an ultrabook: instant on. A tablet is ready for work immediately while computers still need to be booted up."
In reply to: "Tablet Vs. Ultrabook: 10 Ways To Choose"
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Posted By Kyllein:
"I get the distinct feeling that Windows 8 will be the new Windows Vista, hogging processor time and memory and generally being a disappointment."
In reply to: 10 Great Windows 8 Apps
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  Digital Issue  
Predictive analysis is getting faster, more accurate and more accessible. Combined with big data, it's driving a new age of experiments.

Also in the new, all-digital 'Advanced Analytics' issue of InformationWeek: Are project management offices a waste of money?

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Tune into Valley View, coming up Nov 28 at 11 am Pacific Time! In our last show, we sat down with big, established players like Oracle and Cisco, and we heard how changing industry trends and small upstarts were creating market transitions that required these industry leaders to react. For November's Valley View program, we're going to switch to the upstart side of the conversation, focusing on a handful of new companies that are threatening to unravel established businesses, or established ways of thinking.

In our opening segment, we'll talk with Ben Milne, the CEO of Dwolla, the new darling in the online payment space. They are taking on PayPal, credit cards, payment networks and ACH (Automated Clearing House). We will also feature Justin Kan, CEO of Exec, a relatively new concierge service. Oh, and BYTE editor Boonsri Dickinson will put Exec to the test to see how far she can push the service.

We've got other guests as well, and as usual, we'll feature a few companies in our Elevator Pitch segment, and we'll be giving away an Apple Mini iPad.
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Valley View

Design on a Dime: 12-Step Plan to Cut Software Costs
Controlling nondiscretionary IT spending is a perennial top priority for CIOs, but the cost of software licensing, operations and maintenance is a particularly sore topic. Two main keys: Spend smart up front, then tightly manage enterprise software licensing and maintenance.
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Featured Report
Research: 2012 Social Staffing Survey
The rise in social technology adoption is not reflected in IT hiring - yet - but this is one area where savvy business users could break into IT: While just 9% of respondents to our survey say they plan to increase staff in the area of social/collaboration in the next year, 92% of those who identify it as a top area of staffing increase say no specialized industry certs are required, and 84% are willing to train.
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Featured Report


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Securing Access to SharePoint: Collaboration Best Practices
Learn how IT must find the middle ground between security that is too permissive, and security that is so air-tight that it hinders the collaborative experience the software was built to deliver.
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Understand Your Mobile Vulnerability Risks
Do you know how to protect your company data against mobile vulnerabilities? Watch this webinar to understand the importance of understanding mobile vulnerabilities and risks and best practices for mitigation.
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10 Great Windows 8 Apps
Transitioning to Windows 8 isn't easy, but these apps can help.

8 Cool Windows 8 Tablets
As Microsoft and its hardware partners produce Windows 8 devices in droves, here's a look at some of the more noteworthy launches.

N.Y. Times Data Center Indictment Misses Big Picture
A New York Times examination of increasing data center use and its environmental impact focuses on aging enterprise data centers. A more important issue: How much environmental benefit can we reap from today's modern cloud data centers?

10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Notes
Check out these 10 great apps that take advantage of the Samsung phablet's S Pen stylus.

7 Cheap Cloud Storage Options
You have a multitude of cloud storage choices beyond Dropbox, for enterprise and personal use. But make sure you understand the differences.


10 Great Windows 8 Apps
Transitioning to Windows 8 isn't easy, but these apps can help.   View Now

7 Cheap Cloud Storage Options
7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths


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Cisco CEO John Chambers Ready For Battle
It's been a tough couple years for Cisco CEO John Chambers, but he has emerged from the struggle just as spry and confident as ever. CRN editor-at-large Chad Berndtson sits down with Chambers to talk about the competition and the future.   Watch

The Tech Industry & The Stimulus Money: Failure?
Alteryx: Big Data Analytics For Mere Mortals



Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges
As big data environments ingest more data, organizations will face significant risks and threats to the repositories containing this data. Failure to balance data security and quality reduces confidence in decision making. Join us as we discuss several requirements security and risk professionals must do to create an awareness and understanding of the associated responsibilities and risks at the highest levels of the organization. It happens Wednesday, December 12, 2012. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2013 Outlook Survey
We are conducting our annual Outlook Survey to explore how IT leaders are planning their priorities and budgets for 2013. The results of the survey will appear in an upcoming issue as well as in an in-depth report. Take our survey now and enter to win one Samsung Series 5 Chromebook.
Survey ends Nov. 19

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Intel CEO Steps Down | Windows 8: 8 Big Benefits