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Infrastruct Gets $4M Injection

HOUSTON -- Infrastruct Security Inc. recently closed $4 million in a first round of private equity funding that will further enhance its ability to provide clients with comprehensive critical infrastructure products and services, announced Daniel Weiss, Founder, CEO, and President.

Infrastruct Security is leveraging the investments received by lead investor Murphree Venture Partners, as well as investments received from Jemison Investment Co., Inc., Stonehenge Capital Company, LLC, and Louisiana Fund One to expand its market presence and growth in the arena of critical infrastructure. In addition, the funding will enable Infrastruct Security to construct a state-of-the-art central Response Center in Houston, as well as obtain advanced certifications, training, and licensing, according to Weiss.

“Securing critical infrastructure is becoming increasingly relevant for American-owned assets due to the terrorist and environmental threats experienced since 2001. We’ve sought funding in order to build an organization that will meet the growing global demand for our unique service offerings,” Weiss said.

Critical infrastructure is defined by the Congressional Research Office as an ‘infrastructure so vital that its incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating impact on defense or economic security.’ Essentially, critical infrastructures are assets that are primarily necessary to the function of national defense and the economy (e.g. transportation, energy, banking and finance). Recent national legislation has expanded the scope of critical infrastructure to also include specific assets that could be used to cause massive destruction and/or death (for example, the production, transport, and storage of nuclear materials, certain biological agents, and hazardous or toxic chemicals, Weiss explained.

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