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IBM ISS Reports Survey Results

ATLANTA -- IBM Internet Security Systems today announced the results of a survey that found that security concerns are impeding carriers' ability to fully roll out new service offerings such as Internet Protocol-based voice and television services. In its survey, "The State of Security in Carrier Service Delivery," 55% of survey respondents indicated that security issues are impeding their ability to roll out so-called "Triple-Play" (voice, video and data) and "Quad-Play" (voice, video, data and wireless) service bundles.

Within these bundles, 78% said security is vital to the long-term viability of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service and 30% said Internet Protocol-based television (IPTV) is "not secure at all."

The survey was conducted across more than 50 managers and executives from some of the world's largest carriers.

"Carriers have been challenged to deploy new IP-based services that can match the quality and reliability of the services they hope to replace - namely traditional phone and television services," said Clarence Morey, director carrier strategy IBM Internet Security Systems. "Now that these services are ready for the mass market from a quality and performance standpoint, security has become a gating concern."