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HP Introduces Slate 500 Tablet

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TOP STORY: HP Introduces Slate 500 Tablet

MORE NEWS: Windows 7 Gives Microsoft Hope

ANALYTIC REPORT: Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

WHITEPAPER: Efficient Backups for VMware

SLIDESHOW: Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals

VIDEO: How To Sign Up To Use The Manycore Testing Lab

BLOG: How To Get Data To The Cloud: Onramps

WEBCAST: Enterprise Clouds: Application Management Considerations for Internal, External & Hybrid Environments

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InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, October 25, 2010


"Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business." -- Warren Buffett



HP Introduces Slate 500 Tablet

Apple's iPad is less expensive than the $799 Windows 7 tablet with an 8.9-inch display, 2 cameras and Intel Atom processor.


iPad Makes Apple Top U.S. 'PC' Maker

Samsung Galaxy Tab To Cost $399 With Contract

AT&T, Microsoft At Odds Over Tablet Plan

Tablet Sales Expected To Top 200 Million By 2014


Windows 7 Gives Microsoft Hope

Despite being an also-ran in buzzworthy sectors like tablets and phones, Redmond is still king of the desktop.

IBM Targets Cloud Computing With Security Infrastructure, Services

Seeking to allay widespread fear of data breaches, IBM introduces security assessments, SaaS offerings and hosted vulnerability management.

Microsoft Warns Java Exploits Hit 'Unprecedented Wave'

With more than 6 million attacks on vulnerable code in the third quarter, Microsoft is urged to distribute a patch.

Google Ordered To Reveal Cyberstalker's Identity

Judge rules in favor of N.Y. woman seeking the identity of a person who posted videos of her on YouTube.

Farmville Crops Up For iPad

Popular Facebook game comes to Apple's tablet with app modified to leverage the hardware's interface and larger screen.

Google Plans Ultrafast Broadband At Stanford

Several hundred homes belonging to Stanford faculty and staff will soon see Internet speeds that are 100 times faster than typical broadband speeds.

Global CIO: SAP Shares Corporate Treasure With Customers

SAP's turning its massive database of customer best practices into a rich knowledge base for customers looking to turbocharge the performance of their businesses.

ShoreTel Acquires Agito For Smartphone Integration

The $11.4 million acquisition will give ShoreTel the ability to include smartphones in its enterprise PBX solutions.

How Google's Street View Saved My Dirty Underwear

Prior to the existence of Google's Street View, solving this "killer" problem in the matter of minutes that it was solved would not have been possible. Thank you Google.



Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

These servers are coming into their own, especially as part of virtualization projects. Also in this new, all-digital InformationWeek supplement: Want really cool blades? Total liquid submersion systems deliver.

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Featured Report

Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

The strategy points to Sun hardware optimized to run Oracle software. But our exclusive research finds many IT pros doubt that they'll benefit from the partnership. This report outlines Oracle's road maps for key Sun products, and analyzes what changes the acquisition will bring for business technology decision makers.

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Featured Report


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Efficient Backups for VMware

Learn how EMC Avamar backup and recovery software data deduplication capabilities deliver fast and efficient protection for VMware environments.
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Storage Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Computing

This white paper will explain why the recent changes in Microsoft infrastructures, including the introduction of a server operating system and a server virtualization solution (Hyper-V), create a compelling opportunity to improve underlying storage infrastructures right now.
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Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals

Today's smartphones have led to the development of hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry and phones based on Google's Android all have access to extensive libraries of apps that you can download and install for our increasingly mobile world. When you're always on the go, having the right smartphone app makes it easy to transition from business to pleasure and back again without skipping a beat so you can get the most out of every minute. Here we pick 17 of the best apps for pros on the go -- steering clear of the silly and the stupid -- to help you manage your mobile lifestyle.   View Now


Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters

Cisco Umi Takes Telepresence To The Home


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Featured BloggerHow To Get Data To The Cloud: Onramps

By George Crump

As we discussed in our last entry, deciding when to use cloud storage is an important decision that data center mangers are now trying to make. While adding the capabilities to your own software was an early approach most were waiting for an easier way to get to the cloud and it comes in the form of software that allows near seamless access. We call these onramps.


Cybercrooks Targeting SMB Accounts, FBI Warns

By Keith Ferrell

The best source of SMB funds is SMB bank accounts, obviously, and according to the FBI, those accounts are precisely what the crooks are going after.

Microsoft Does Windows Phone 7 Updating Right

By Ed Hansberry

Even at the height of its popularity in the mid-2000's, Windows Mobile had one attribute that frustrated many users to no end. While Microsoft and hardware partners designed the operating system to be upgradable to at least the next major version, actual upgrades occurred less often than a snowstorm in Phoenix.

Apple FaceTime Mac Beta Ships With Pedestrian Security Flaw

By George Hulme

On Wednesday Apple announced its FaceTime for Mac beta. Problem is the beta software shipped with a security flaw that could enable attackers to access iTunes accounts. However, the flaw could be indicative of much more systemic problems.

Technology Firms Dominate Newsweek's Latest Green Corporate Scorecard

By Lamont Wood

Dell leads the US list while IBM leads the global list of firms ranked according to the environmental impact and policies.


Enterprise Clouds: Application Management Considerations for Internal, External & Hybrid Environments

News headlines are a constant reminder that malware attacks and data leakage are on the rise. Over the past decade, the threat has changed and traditional anti-virus is no longer enough to protect against today's sophisticated and financially motivated cybercriminals. Join this live Webcast and learn about the changes in the threat landscape and the 8 threats your anti-virus won't stop.

It happens Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 9 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey in order to evaluate the state of software outsourcing today. The results of the survey will appear in an upcoming issue as well as an in-depth InformationWeek Analytics report. This survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

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