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HP Eyes CEO Switch Again? | Google Battles Bias Charges

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, September 22, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistGoogle Battles Charges Of Search Bias
By Thomas Claburn
Company tells Congress that it acts in the best interests of consumers and competition is only a click away.

9 Markets Google Wants To Rule
The Google Competition Quandary

HP Playing Musical CEOs Again?
Hewlett-Packard's board is weighing giving CEO Leo Apotheker the boot after just 10 months, reports say.

Web App Attacks Rise, Disclosed Bugs Decline
Mismatch between vulnerability disclosures and actual number of new vulnerabilities strengthens case for using Web application firewalls and virtual patching.

Facebook F8: 10 Things Zuckerberg Won't Say
There's no truth to the rumor that a prototype of the next Facebook was left at a bar in Cambridge last night.

Oracle Introduces Baby Exadata
Oracle Database Appliance gives midsize firms and departments a $50,000 platform for scaling up transactional or analytic workloads.

Microsoft Set To Launch Lync Mobile
Collaboration and videoconferencing suite coming to Windows Phone 7, Google Android, and Apple iOS devices.

10 Years Of Information Management
We've just moved out of one generation of solution architectures and on to one that will define the enterprise computing trajectory for the next decade or more.

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them. -- Alfred North Whitehead


Microsoft Set To Launch Lync Mobile
10 Years Of Information Management
Automation And Orchestration: Prepare For Successful Deployment
Ten Steps to Solve Cooling Problems in the Data Center
iPhone 5: Apple And The Art Of Product Launches
7 Types of Power Problems
Time Is Running Out To Attend Interop New York

Posted By AS71:
"The Board hired Leo because they wanted HP to be transformed into a high-margin software company in short order. If they were not pushing for this strategy, the hiring of the former SAP CEO would have been a huge mistake."
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Posted By Wyrmac:
"Google is the most popular search engine, it holds that place for a reason, because it does what people want it to do, and does it how they want it to do it."
In reply to: Google Battles Charges Of Search Bias
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Automation And Orchestration: Prepare For Successful Deployment
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Ten Steps to Solve Cooling Problems in the Data Center
High-density servers offer a significant performance per watt benefit. However, they can present a significant cooling challenge. Vendors are now designing servers that demand over 40 kW of cooling per rack. With most data centers designed to cool an average of 2 kW per rack, innovative strategies must be used for proper cooling of high-density equipment. Discover ten approaches for increasing cooling efficiency, cooling capacity, and power density in existing data centers.
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Network Strategy and User Experience According to Forrester
Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software and data corruption, are often the result of a problematic supply of power. Discover the most common types of power disturbances, what causes them, what they do to your critical equipment, and how to safeguard your equipment, using the IEEE standards for describing power quality problems.
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iPhone 5: Apple And The Art Of Product Launches
Apple is preparing to announce the next-generation iPhone on October 4, reports AllThingsD.

Google+ Enters Open Beta: 9 Enhancements
Google has added useful tweaks to Google+, including improvements to Hangouts, Hangouts APIs, and search.

9 Markets Google Wants To Rule
As Google chairman Eric Schmidt prepares to face a Senate panel on antitrust issues, take a look at 9 key markets where Google seeks mastery.

20 Innovative IT Ideas To Steal
InformationWeek 500 innovators have creative solutions to not-so-unusual business problems. How can these help your company?

12 Brawny Business Intelligence Products For SMBs
Business intelligence isn't just for the big boys anymore. Check out our short list of star SMB options, from easy-to-deploy SaaS choices to affordable versions of the biggest BI suites.



Google+ : Open to the Public, Adds New FeaturesGoogle+ now lets everyone in and announces new features. Check out our tour.   View Now

HP TouchPad: Teardown
Windows 8 Visual Tour: Microsoft's New Desktop


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WhisperCore Mitigates Risks Of Android In Businesses
TechWebTV catches up with Whisper Systems' CTO and co-founder Moxie Marllinspike to discuss and demo WhisperCore -- a mobile security solution that brings BlackBerry-like centralized enterprise-grade security to Android devices.   Watch

MANDIANT CSO Talks Threats To His Company and His Clients
Intel Labs Invests in the Future of Cloud and Embedded Computing



7 Types of Power Problems
IT Security Professionals or Mobile Administrators should attend this LIVE webcast to learn how to identify users connecting personal devices to the network, protect enterprise data through Apple security policies and enforce application whitelists/ blacklists on any iOS device It Happens Wednesday, October 5, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET More Information & Registration

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