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How To Land A CIO Role | 10 Cloud Computing Pioneers

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  Monday, November 26, 2012
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10 Cloud Computing Pioneers
By Charles Babcock
Cloud computing has rewritten decades of technology rules. Take a closer look at 10 innovators who helped make it possible.

7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths
6 Ways Amazon Cloud Helped Obama Win

What CIOs Want In Their Successors
Are you an aspiring CIO? Listen to what these leading CIOs say it will take for you to reach that coveted position.

Google Adds Cloud Infrastructure Muscle Vs. Amazon
Google Compute Engine's first major upgrade adds 26 server instances to its cloud catalog, cuts prices to become more competitive.

Spy Tech: 10 CIA-Backed Investments
Check out some of the latest technologies to win funding from In-Q-Tel, the venture investment arm of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. That's the first step toward use by agents and analysts.

iPad Is Top Black Friday Shopping Tablet
Apple's tablet was the mobile device of choice for online shoppers looking to grab bargains during Thanksgiving weekend.

Samsung Ships 5 Million Galaxy Note II Smartphones
Samsung's latest phablet has reached an impressive milestone after just two months. The company is on track for a record fourth quarter.

How South Carolina Failed To Spot Hack Attack
Attackers stole 3.3 million businesses' bank details and 1.9 million social security numbers, cost the state $14 million for cleanup.

Next Valley View: Tech's Feisty Upstarts
Watch November 28 at 11 PT as our live Web TV show brings you up to speed on how Dwolla, Exec, SugarSync and others are upsetting the status quo.

"Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake." -- Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower


How South Carolina Failed To Spot Hack Attack
Next Valley View: Tech's Feisty Upstarts
Design on a Dime: 12-Step Plan to Cut Software Costs
An Alternative to ERP Platforms
10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Notes
Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges
InformationWeek 2013 U.S. IT Salary Survey

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Posted By moarsauce123:
"This is why you WIPE all evidence from your phone after every call or every app used. Learn to beat the busybody nosy types at their own game."
In reply to: "6 Risks Your BYOD Policy Must Address"
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Posted By Mack Knife:
"Apple is now selling to an existing customer base and what new customer it does get have no loyalty to it. New customers switch from iPhone to Android at the mere mention of a discount."
In reply to: "Samsung Ships 5 Million Galaxy Note II Smartphones"
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Tune into Valley View, coming up Nov 28 at 11 am Pacific Time! As always, we'll feature some new technology in our Elevator Pitch segment, where we ask companies to pitch us (as if we were in an elevator) and then face our judging committee. For this month's segment, we've got a couple of big data players: Kaggle and Clearstory, each with a unique approach to this incredibly interesting market. Finally, SugarSync, one of the early players in the personal cloud movement will talk about how they're evolving to take on fierce competitive forces.

We'll also have Ben Milne, CEO of online payments startup, Dwolla; Justin Kan, CEO of concierge service startup, Exec; Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Microsoft's Windows Phone; and Dipti Vachani, VP and GM at Texas Instruments.

We've got other guests as well, and as usual, we'll feature a few companies in our Elevator Pitch segment, and we'll be giving away an Apple Mini iPad.
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Valley View

Design on a Dime: 12-Step Plan to Cut Software Costs
Controlling nondiscretionary IT spending is a perennial top priority for CIOs, but the cost of software licensing, operations and maintenance is a particularly sore topic. Two main keys: Spend smart up front, then tightly manage enterprise software licensing and maintenance.
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Featured Report
Research: 2012 Social Staffing Survey
The rise in social technology adoption is not reflected in IT hiring - yet - but this is one area where savvy business users could break into IT: While just 9% of respondents to our survey say they plan to increase staff in the area of social/collaboration in the next year, 92% of those who identify it as a top area of staffing increase say no specialized industry certs are required, and 84% are willing to train.
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Featured Report


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An Alternative to ERP Platforms
Are you challenged to find an adaptable financial system but not necessarily a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Download this white paper to to learn about financial system functionality that will support your organization's changing processes.
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Eight Ways to Generate BI Revenue and Drive Growth
Get behind the buzz words - big data, predictive analytics, social media - to show how to support new growth strategies and drive new revenue. Read this white paper to learn how to leverage powerful hardware and business intelligence (BI) to impact analytics.
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10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Notes
Check out these 10 great apps that take advantage of the Samsung phablet's S Pen stylus.

10 Wearable Health Tech Devices To Watch
Wearable medical technology is becoming a hot commodity. As these devices come to market, they have the potential to help both patients and clinicians monitor vital signs and symptoms.

8 Cool Windows 8 Tablets
As Microsoft and its hardware partners produce Windows 8 devices in droves, here's a look at some of the more noteworthy launches.

Black Friday: Unusual Apple Deals
Apple rarely discounts its products, but Black Friday is the one day of the year you can save some green on a new iPad Mini, iPhone, or Mac computer.

Netflix Wants You To Adopt Chaos Monkey
Netflix has made its own automated disaster testing service, Chaos Monkey, available as a free public download. Should you turn it loose on your own systems?


10 Cloud Computing Pioneers
Cloud computing has rewritten decades of technology rules. Take a closer look at 10 innovators who helped make it possible.   View Now

Spy Tech: 10 CIA-Backed Investments
6 HIE Vendors: How They Measure Up


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Alteryx: Big Data Analytics For Mere Mortals
Alteryx CEO Dean Stoecker gives Valley View judges the company's 2-minute elevator pitch. Alteryx provides a platform for business users to create and publish powerful analytics applications.   Watch

Hearsay Social Brings An Enterprise Focus
Taptera's Enterprise Mobile Application Suite



Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges
As big data environments ingest more data, organizations will face significant risks and threats to the repositories containing this data. Failure to balance data security and quality reduces confidence in decision making. Join us as we discuss several requirements security and risk professionals must do to create an awareness and understanding of the associated responsibilities and risks at the highest levels of the organization. It happens Wednesday, December 12, 2012. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2013 U.S. IT Salary Survey
For the 16th consecutive year, InformationWeek is conducting its U.S. IT Salary Survey. To date, more than 200,000 IT professionals have participated in this survey. Take our survey now, and be eligible to win some great prizes.
Survey ends Jan. 18

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