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How I PC'd an Apple G5...what really happened

For those of you shocked, horrified and outraged by last week's little "how-to" on ripping out the innards of a brand new Apple G5 to make way for (oh no!) some Intel hardware, rest easy. The author, after receiving thousands of desperate and damning emails, now admits the excercize was a semi-hoax. Here's what really happened:

Are the pictures real? Yes. Is it my own G5 case that has been cut and hacked? Yes. Did I give away two G5 2GHz processors (IBM PC 970)? No! So what happened? I got a free G5 shell from a buddy of mine and pulled a prank on a Mac loving friend...

If you think that was bad, just wait till I publish my "how to turn an Apple Newton into a hockey puck" tutorial.