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Hackers Target WordPress | IT Salary Survey

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InformationWeek Daily  
  Monday, April 15, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist IT Salary Survey 2013: 11 Career Insights
By Chris Murphy
IT salaries begin to thaw, with median pay for staffers at $90,000 and managers at $120,000.

Geek Physique: Why IT Managers Must Get Fit
2012 IT Salary Survey: 12 Career Insights

WordPress Hackers Exploit Username 'Admin'
Thousands of WordPress sites with accounts that use the common default username 'admin' have been hacked.

Rackspace Launches Global OpenStack Expansion
IaaS provider to enlist partners to add Rackspace data center locations around the world, strengthen competitiveness with CenturyLink Savvis, Verizon Terremark.

Big Data: Start Small, Think Big
A toe-in-the-water approach to big data makes more sense than jumping in with both feet, says CEO of IT management software firm ManageEngine.

20 People Who Changed Tech: Mauchly And Eckert
In this seventh installment in our series, Howard Anderson profiles the men behind the ENIAC.

Have You Really Started A Mobile Strategy?
An app isn't a strategy.

Windows 8 Did Not Cause PC Sales Slump
Blaming Windows 8 for the PC market's ongoing woes misses the bigger picture.

FAA Dismisses Android App Airplane Takeover
Demonstrated training software exploits don't work against flight management systems installed in planes, say airline regulators and avionics manufacturers.

NCQA Tests New Healthcare Quality Measure
Unified, risk-based model of assessing healthcare performance expected to be more clinically relevant to physicians than current measures.

Distance Learning Regulation Needs Simplification, Officials Say
Former education secretary Richard Riley heads effort to make it easier for students to take online classes by standardizing state regulations.

"Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin." -- Denise McCluggage

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Big Data: Hype Vs. Hope At Interop
InteropNet's Live Wire Act
Interop Preview: Expert Advice On Building Private Cloud

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Posted By PJS880:
"Unless your profession is dealing directly with Facebook and managing accounts, what do you need a Facebook phone for?
In reply to: "Facebook HTC Phone Revealed?"
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  Digital Issue  
People are your most vulnerable endpoint. Make sure your security strategy addresses that fact.

Also in the new, all-digital issue of Dark Reading: Effective security doesn't mean stopping all attackers.

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2013 Salary Survey: Application Development and Software Engineering
Salaries are up 2.1% for staffers and 3.4% for managers. But bonuses are lower, employer-paid training is hard to come by and outsourcing remains a threat to employment. Still, 63% of staffers and 66% of managers say they're satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs.
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Featured Report
Strategy: Google Leverages Open Data. Should You?
In this report, we look at sources of open data, barriers to access and organizations that are helping to make open data sets widely available.
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Featured Report


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Big Data: Your Guide To The Numbers & What They Mean
Knowing what to do with the numbers reaps big rewards if done right. Download this whitepaper and learn the three-tiered approach to handling big data.
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BYOD: Focus On The User Experience Not The Device
The evolution of devices, integration of technology into personal lives, availability of cloud-based services and wireless evolution has moved bring-your-own-device (BYOD) from vision to reality. Download this report to examine these risks, benefits and challenges of BYOD.
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Google Nexus 7, Take Two: What To Expect
Google watchers expect a new version of the 7-inch Nexus tablet to debut soon. Here's what it might look like.

Burner: Disposable Phone Numbers For Voice, SMS
Use your iPhone or Android phone like a disposable cell phone. For cheap you can buy a number (or multiple numbers) with voice time and SMS messages. If person-to-person anonymity is important, this app is for you.

10 Great Android Apps For Tablets
What Android apps really shine on tablets? Take a look at a few of our favorites.

FAA Dismisses Android App Airplane Takeover
Demonstrated training software exploits don't work against the flight management systems installed in planes, say airline regulators and avionics manufacturers.

Why Tech Projects Fail: 5 Unspoken Reasons
Today's IT groups make too many ROI guesstimates and have too little accountability, says this financial industry IT exec, in his debut column for InformationWeek.


8 MOOCs Transforming Education
The early market for massively open online courses brings more approaches than you might realize. Take a look at 8 game changers.   View Now

10 Best And Worst Cellphones Of All Time
Facebook Home: Visual Tour


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Bob Metcalfe Plans Ethernet's 40th
The 'Father of Ethernet' comes back to PARC, the scene of the crime, to talk about Ethernet's future -- including a 40th birthday bash in May.   Watch

CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
CES; the car show



Choosing An Approach To Data Integration and Governance In A Big Data World
Join Gartner analyst Eric Thoo on Tuesday, April 23, as he describes four different approaches to data integration. Eric will map the different approaches to five key use cases to help you identify the capabilities you need and provide insights into evolving data integration challenges and the capabilities that are emerging to address them. More Information & Registration

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Take Our Mobile Security Survey -- You Could Win A Tablet!
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to determine the types of measures and policies IT is taking to ensure the security of the full range of mobile assets on cellular, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. One lucky participant will win a 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablet!
Survey ends April 19

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