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Hackers Deflate Auto Tire-Pressure Sensors

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TOP STORY: Hackers Deflate Auto Tire-Pressure Sensors

MORE NEWS: HP: My Day In The CEO Interview Hot Seat

ANALYTIC REPORT: Oracle On The March

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Performance Management Tips

SLIDESHOW: Computer History Museum Tour

VIDEO: Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

BLOG: Will Intel Kill Wintel?

WEBCAST: Security In The Cloud: Challenges & Trends

RESOURCES: Take Our 2010 Application Performance Management Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Friday, August 13, 2010


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. -- Dr. Napoleon Hill



Hackers Deflate Auto Tire-Pressure Sensors

Monitors in fast-moving cars can be damaged using spoofed wireless signals, leading to security, privacy, and safety threats.


Touchscreen Smudges Pose Security Risk

Cybercrime Growth Accelerating

Black Hat Warning: ATMs At Risk


HP: My Day In The CEO Interview Hot Seat

Ever wonder what it would be like to interview for the top spot at the world's largest IT company? Here's one possibility for how it might go.

HTC Cracks Top 10 Mobile Phone Makers

An almost 140% second quarter increase in mobile phone shipments fueled by demand for Android handsets pushed HTC to 8th place, according to Gartner.

DARPA Releases Privacy Guidelines For R&D

The military's technology research arm has formally committed to respecting personal privacy as it develops new projects.

Samsung Epic 4G Available From Sprint August 31

The variant of Samsung's Galaxy S handset runs the Android 2.1 OS and includes WiMax, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 4" Super AMOLED screen.

Symantec Finds 92% Of All E-Mail Is Spam

Report also says phishing is down despite the rise of a new Live-Chat based attack that tries to trick people into giving up personal details.

Businesses Pick Mobile Websites Over Apps

E-commerce growth will be fueled by sites optimized for handheld devices, finds Adobe survey.

'Voice Actions' Power Faster Android Searches

Google on Thursday announced the addition of "Voice Actions" to its Android 2.2 Froyo search capabilities. The tool makes use of voice commands to initiate a wide range of actions on the phone.

NASA Collaborative Advances Aircraft Safety

Dashlink lets developers of integrated vehicle health management technology share code and test applications in real time.

IT Pros Willing To Buy Their Own Tech

Nearly 75% say they will fund at least part of the cost of job-related hardware -- if they can choose what they use, finds Unisys.



Oracle On The March

Acquiring Sun wasn't enough for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who's now driving the company to overtake SAP and IBM and pushing the virtues of a complete Oracle IT stack. Are Ellison's tactics brave or bravado? Who's really leading the Big Data era? We investigate Oracle's next giant steps.

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Featured Report

10 Steps To Ace A FISMA Audit

In the wake of well-publicized cyberattacks and a move by NIST to beef up FISMA, we can't blame agencies and contractors for being wary of inspections. But trust us: Forewarned is forearmed. The best way to sail through is to know what auditors will be looking for.

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Featured Report


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Cloud Performance Management Tips

The only way to effectively satisfy customer requirements is to provide a single integrated dashboard that monitors and manages application performance from the only perspective which really matters: the end user's. This whitepaper reveals a solution that boosts client satisfaction while creating competitive advantage.
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Cloud Integration Strategy

In order to evolve SaaS usage from meeting purpose-built point requirements to integration into mission-critical business processes, companies will need scalable, cost-effective connection strategies. Explore best-of-breed integration approaches.
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Computer History Museum Tour

The collection spans from the dawn of the computer to the advent of the PC. Here are top highlights from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.   View Now


Slideshow: Top 10 Tech Newsmakers Of 2010

Slideshow: Best Of Social Enterprise Patents


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Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

Launchpad 2010 - Finalist Presentation by MindQuilt   Watch


Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Baydin Inc.

Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Doodle




Featured BloggerWill Intel Kill Wintel?

By Dave Methvin

Although IBM may have committed the original sin that allowed Microsoft to dominate the desktop, it couldn't have stayed on top for so long without Intel. Windows is so tied to Intel's CPU that the industry came up with "Wintel" to describe the symbiotic pairing. But now, Intel is becoming a player in Microsoft's undoing.


Apple Plugs Jailbreak Flaw, Exploit Code Released

By George Hulme

About a week after JailbreakMe 2.0 surfaced, Apple has plugged the flaws in iOS that made the Jailbreak possible. If you've not jailbroken your phone, you'll want to get the update ASAP as the exploit code has been released.

Is Your Copier a Security Threat?

By Daniel Dern

Any device attached to your network poses potential risks according to ICSA Labs' Kevin Brown, who suggests 6 questions IT managers should ask to assess security of networked peripherals.

SMB Surveys Reveal Mixed Results

By Michele Pepe-Warren

There's certainly no shortage of polls and surveys aimed at gauging how SMBs are feeling about the economy, and about how it might affect their businesses. Here are some results from two of the latest reports.

Who Is Left At Palm?

By Ed Hansberry

Since the announcement in April that HP would be buying Palm, there has been significant brain drain of the mobile tech company. When you buy a company primarily for the intellectual property, it sometimes helps to retain the intellect that created it in the first place.


Security In The Cloud: Challenges & Trends

Hear how Global Aerospace has crafted a strategy to stay ahead of the curve by taking a global approach to managing content and content-centric processes. Learn how the appropriate ECM solution can provide insurance companies with an efficient, cost-effective way to manage and share critical content and processes, as well as help organizations successfully address regulatory requirements, security concerns and underwriting challenges.

It happens Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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