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Google's Secret Wireless Experiment | White House Plans National Hacking Day

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  Friday, January 25, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist White House Plans National Hacking Day
By Patience Wait
Feds invite technology-oriented citizens to use IT to improve their communities.

Federal CIO Outlines Second-Term IT Priorities
We Must Run Government IT Like A Startup

Google Silent About Wireless Experiment
Google has applied to the FCC for permission to test an experimental wireless system. Is Google about to offer mobile broadband?

Microsoft's Mixed Earnings: Record Revenue, Drop in Profit
Microsoft's enterprise business achieved strong sales, but questions remain after Windows 8 posted a so-so launch.

Internet Use Increases Worldwide, Connections Get Faster
Akamai said more than 683 million unique IP addresses from 243 countries or regions logged onto its network in Q3 2012, a 2.7% increase over the second quarter.

Barracuda Security Equipment Contains Hardcoded Backdoors
Multiple appliances sold by Barracuda contain undocumented usernames and passwords, as well as SSH access functionality, which an attacker could use to gain shell-level access to devices.

New BYOD Threat: Email That Self-Destructs
Employees who bring apps like Wickr to work could bypass enterprise security systems.

7 Top Business Intelligence Trends For 2013
Short list of BI hot buttons includes dashboards, self-service, mobile, in-memory, cloud, collaboration and, of course, big data.

3 Ways The Cloud Can Complement Virtualization
Virtual infrastructures -- what vendors like to call internal clouds -- can benefit from the public cloud in ways beyond data backup.

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." -- Emile Zola


7 Top Business Intelligence Trends For 2013
3 Ways The Cloud Can Complement Virtualization
Alert: Making Insiders Foot Soldiers in Enterprise Security
Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software
10 Best Android Apps Of 2012
Big Data Analytics: Is Your Elephant Enterprise Ready?
InformationWeek 2013 State of Cloud Computing Survey

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Posted By CentralScrutinizer01:
"I've seen it where, even when IT is involved from the beginning, all other departments get all the time they need to get comfortable with their part and then turn over to IT. Then IT gets 2 weeks to do 2 months of work."
In reply to: "6 Ways IT Still Fails The Business"
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  Digital Issue  
Offensive cybersecurity is a tempting prospect. It's also way too early to go there. Here's what to do instead.

Also in our new, all-digital issue: Military agencies worldwide are figuring out the tactics and capabilities that will be critical in any future cyber war.

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Alert: Making Insiders Foot Soldiers in Enterprise Security
Insider threat-borne attacks remain the minority of data breaches but tend to inflict the most damage -- especially when it comes to intellectual property theft. Here's a look at the hot trends and tips on how to flip the equation in the insider threat.
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Featured Report
Alert: Java Insecurity
In the wake of a zero-day vulnerability being exploited by multiple active attacks, IT teams wait for Oracle to respond. Again. Here's how to keep your systems safe, but meanwhile, start considering: Does Java's popularity as an attack vector vs. its diminishing functionality make permanently disabling plug-ins a smart idea?
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Featured Report


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Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software
Backup is among the oldest, most performed task in the data center, but enhancements and alternatives are becoming available. Download the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software see how the vendors in the market are evaluated.
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Finding An Effective Antivirus Solution To Please Users & Administrators
Does your anti-virus bring your systems to a crawl? Is it causing administrators to pull their hair out? This whitepaper shows you how to solve both problems with one product.
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10 Best Android Apps Of 2012
Check out these 10 gems that stood out from the crowd of 700,000 Android apps.

Samsung Adds Multiwindow Mojo to Android
Multiwindow, multitasking features in Samsung's Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy Note 10.1 push Android's user interface into new territory, adding Windows-like capabilities that are sure to delight many users — and aggravate others.

Apple Reports Record iPhone, iPad Sales
Sales of Apple's iOS devices soared while Mac computers dropped precipitously in fourth quarter of 2012. Wall Street disappointed with the results.

Top GPS Apps for the iPhone - 2013 Edition
Apple Maps just doesn't cut it for everyone, so there is a rich market of GPS alternatives for the iPhone. Many are good. In this review we test Google Maps for iOS, Navigon USA, Gokivo, MapQuest, Scout, Nokia HERE Maps, Waze and even Apple Maps.

Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See
Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and now, Google Drive, have the most familiar names. But many alternative services satisfy a variety of storage, backup, and file-sharing needs.


New England Patriots' Winning Technology Plan
IT pros from Boston's professional teams -- the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox -- met at Gillette Stadium to talk tech, the future of live sports, and how to deliver real-time, high-definition video to a crowd of 70,000.   View Now

Android Smartphone Developments At CES 2013
10 Social Networks For Special Interests


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CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
While some claim CES has lost its luster and big name headliners over the years, the show refuses to be deemed irrelevant. With trends spanning healthcare, mobile and automotive, there was plenty to see.   Watch

Intel shows off eye tracking and gesture tech
Intel touts tablets, smartphones at CES 2013



Big Data Analytics: Is Your Elephant Enterprise Ready?
Hadoop's cost effective scalability and flexibility to analyze all data types is driving organizations everywhere to embrace big data analytics. This webinar will address critical project components such as data security, data privacy, high availability, user training and use case development It happens Tuesday, January 29, 2013. More Information & Registration


InformationWeek 2013 State of Cloud Computing Survey
Take our survey on cloud computing usage and optimization strategies and you could win a 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablet!
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