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Google's $12.5B Mobile Play | Millennials: Miscast As Devils?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Monday, August 15, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistGoogle Buying Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion
By Paul McDougall
Search giant wants mobile hardware and software under one roof as it looks to beat Apple at its own game.

Motorola May Flex Its Patent Muscle
Windows Phones Down 38% Since '7' Launch

Millennials Aren't The Little Devils IT Imagines
Research suggests 20-somethings think highly of IT organizations and don't flout IT conventions as often as some of us might suspect.

McAfee Debuts iOS Data Protection Software
The company's WaveSecure software duplicates some of functions of Apple's Find My iPhone, but it also simplifies switching to Android or other mobile platforms, at least in part.

Google Apps Update May Hint At Google+ Integration
Does the new look for Gmail, Calendar, and Docs mean Google's business users will soon get access to profiles and Google+?

Physical Vs. Virtual: Oracle, Others Redefine Appliances
While IT rushes to virtualize applications, high-end databases are increasingly moving against the tide, from software to hardware.

Building A Creative Exchange On Social Software
To build a collaborative business for creative professionals and their clients, Blur Group stitched together cloud and open source technologies.

Can Data Breaches Kill?
When data is sensitive enough, its exposure has the potential to be fatal.

Adtran-Bluesocket Deal A Potential Network Game Changer
Acquisition of Bluesocket may give Adtran a leg up in the wireless network market, say analysts.

"If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business." -- B. C. Forbes


Can Data Breaches Kill?
Adtran-Bluesocket Deal A Potential Network Game Changer
Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
Case Study: Memorial Herman Healthcare System
Bing Beats Google On Search Effectiveness
The End User Experience: The Metric that Matters
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"It has been interesting to watch server virtualization adoption change over the past 10 years - from early test / dev. deployments focused only on server consolidation, to becoming a new quasi-operating system with over 50% of workloads virtualized. People tried something new because the ROI of consolidating a bunch of servers humming along at 10% utilization was so inefficient. But it took a while for enough people to start doing things in a new way until server virtualization became the new status quo."
In reply to: Thin Provisioning Key Feature Of Storage Virtualization
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Posted By CimarronB:
"I would argue that distribution of in-house applications "over the air" is just about always more cost effective than syncing with a PC. Whether a company chooses a Mobile Application Management solution such as Apperian EASE, or creates their own web page with a downloadable link, this approach will be faster for users, cut down on errors, and reduce support costs."
In reply to: Mobile App Development Needs A New Approach
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Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
In this Tech Center report, we profile five database breaches--and extract the lessons to be learned from each. Plus: A rundown of six technologies to reduce your risk.
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State Of Storage 2011 Report: Consolidation And Centralization
Download this report to see how smart CIOs will accelerate this trend by adopting new multipurpose arrays and converged networks.
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Case Study: Memorial Herman Healthcare System
One enormous challenge for Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (MHHS) was managing an extremely complicated procurement to payment (P2P) system that consumed countless staff hours and cost $50 each for thousands of paper-based financial transactions and reconciliations every month. Learn how MHHS was able to shift the paper-driven system to an electronic payment and invoicing model and review the benefits; including cost savings of $11 per invoice.
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Virtualization and Data Center Management
Virtualization deployment involves major process and management complexities. Download this white paper to review best-practice methodologies to tackle challenges brought on by virtualization and learn key questions you must ask when evaluating a consolidated management solution.
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Bing Beats Google On Search Effectiveness
Microsoft's "decision engine" more likely to lead users to a Web page than searches through rival Google, study finds.

Johns Hopkins Execs: How To Make Medicine Smarter
CIO and chief medical information officer share lessons learned on electronic health records, embedded intelligence, risk reduction, and personalized medicine.

6 Tips To Maximize SaaS Value
Host Analytics' CFO says the midmarket firm's software as a service overhaul is more about technology sophistication and using tools previously only available to the enterprise than cost cutting.

OS X Lion Makes Windows 8 Too Late
Apple and Microsoft race to '"tablify" their desktop operating systems. Guess who's winning?

E-Prescribing Doesn't Make The Grade
Outpatient electronic prescribing doesn't cut out the common mistakes made in manual systems, study finds.



10 Essential Google+ Tips Google's new social network keeps changing and growing. Check out recent improvements and expert advice for Google+ users.   View Now

7 Hottest Features In Windows Phone 7 Mango
10 Cool Social Media Monitoring Tools


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MANDIANT CSO Talks Threats To His Company and His Clients
Richard Bejtlich, CSO and VP of managed services, sits down with Dark Reading's Kelly Jackson Higgins at Black Hat USA to talk about the two hats he wears at the incident response company, and trends in attacks against enterprises and security firms.   Watch

Intel Labs Invests in the Future of Cloud and Embedded Computing
08.10.11 Is The Corporate Data Center Obsolete?



The End User Experience: The Metric that Matters
Don't miss this informative webcast, sponsored by Quest Software, exploring the value of monitoring web application performance from the user perspective. It happens Thursday, August 25, 2011 -- Time: 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET More Information & Registration

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