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Google Showcases Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS

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TOP STORY: Google Gives Developers A Closer Look At Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS

MORE NEWS: Microsoft: Missing the Mark in Mobile

ANALYTIC REPORT: State Of Enterprise Storage Report

WHITEPAPER: Fundamentally Altering the Economics of Shared Storage

SLIDESHOW: Real Time Conversation With Google Translate

VIDEO: 02.01.11 The Future Lies In "Technology Commons"

BLOG: Universal Charger For Phones A Possibility

WEBCAST: How to Grow your Business in a Market of Continual Change

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InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Analyzing what you haven't got as well as what you have is a necessary ingredient of a career." -- Orison Marden



Google Gives Developers A Closer Look At Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS

CNN, Disney and others show new tablet apps that will use version 3.0 -- Android Market Webstore live now.


Google's Android Market Enables Web Sales

Dirty Pool: Apple Trying To Steal Google's Android 3.0 Thunder

Google's Android 3.0 SDK Preview Available


Microsoft: Missing the Mark in Mobile

Even if Microsoft can't be an innovator in mobile, it's essential that disparate mobile technologies integrate as seamlessly as possible with the plethora of Microsoft enterprise technologies.

Gartner Quadrant Reports BI Split

Business intelligence buyers want easy data exploration. That has small, independent vendors waxing and a few BI incumbents mired in a "new normal" malaise.

Down To Business: Why The Tech Industry Needs Founder-CEOs

Those leaders adept at keeping costs down, M&As in motion, and regulators in check will always be valuable, but they usually don't build great companies.

Global CIO: $100-Billion Tesco Kicks CIO Upstairs To CEO

As the $100-billion retailer accelerates its use of IT as a strategic weapon in its global expansion, Tesco CIO Philip Clarke will take the reins as CEO on March 1.

Siemens Launches Unified Communications For SMBs

UC Server Xpress offers a pre-configured platform for messaging, conferencing, voice communications, and customer communications.

Waledac Botnet Contains Almost 490,000 Stolen Email Passwords

With numerous real-world credentials built-in, the worm can bypass many spam and security defenses, find security researchers.

DDoS Targeting Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention

Stateful firewalls and intrusion prevention systems placed in front of a Web server can create an effective distributed denial of service attack vector, reports network security vendor Arbor Networks.

80% Of Web Users Seek Health Information

Women, the college-educated, and caregivers are most likely to turn to the Internet for healthcare advice, reports Pew study.

CSC Launches Dedicated IBM Lotus Consulting Practice

The integrator will bring Collaboration-as-a-Service to businesses looking to expand use of Lotus Notes/Domino, Sametime, Connections, and Quickr.

Microsoft And SAP Intro Duet Enterprise

Integration update aims to make it easier to expose SAP functionality though SharePoint so developers can quickly deliver user-friendly applications.

Cybersecurity Bill Authors Slam Egypt Internet Shutdown

Senators have clarified their proposed Internet 'kill switch' legislation in light of President Mubarak's actions.

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State Of Enterprise Storage Report

Budgets may be stagnant, but the recession has not put a damper the growth of enterprise data and related storage requirements. Too bad, then, that our infrastructures aren't keeping pace, according to our survey respondents. In this report we'll analyze poll results and discuss top technologies that can help storage managers do more with less.

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Featured Report

Beating Cloud Lock-In: Our 3 Top Considerations

Whether you're talking about SaaS, IaaS, or storing data in the cloud, companies must consider how they'll unwind relationships -- customizations, metadata, contracts, and depth of integration are all factors.

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Featured Report


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Fundamentally Altering the Economics of Shared Storage

Despite the benefits consolidated storage offers - reliability, availability and simplified management - it has been complicated and expensive to implement. Learn how intelligent automation can take the guesswork out of configuration, scaling and management.
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Small Business Unified Communications for Dummies

Unified communications (UC) unites video, voice and data so that mobile workers can reach each other easily. Check out this "Dummies" book to learn how UC simplifies communications, enabling employees to be as productive and responsive as possible.
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Real Time Conversation With Google Translate
Google Translate for Android smartphones offers a unique and compelling new capability. This beta feature, called Conversation Mode, makes it possible to carry out a person-to-person conversation and have the Android device translate and speak each piece of the conversation on the fly. This new conversation model feature only works for conversations between English and Spanish speakers, though the main Google Translate app supports a wide range of languages for standard phrase-by-phrase translation. In tests, the Conversation Mode proved to be surprisingly effective, especially when the English speaker and the Spanish speaker were using their native tongues. However, if pronunciation wasn't very good, the app could make a few amusing mistakes. Luckily, Google Translate's Conversation Mode let's speakers view and manually type in correct phrases when the on-the-fly translation fails.   View Now


12 Advances In Medical Robotics

Top Features Absent From Windows 7


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02.01.11 The Future Lies In "Technology Commons"

Howard Rubin, founder of advisory firm Rubin Worldwide, tells editorial director Greg MacSweeney that the future of banks is in "'Technology Commons," which provides them with an opportunity to utilize their IT investments more cost-effectively.   Watch


ReviewCam: SocialCast TownHall -- Executive Social Outreach

Using Intel TBB parallel_for to Parallelize Serial Code




Featured BloggerUniversal Charger For Phones A Possibility

By Ed Hansberry

Everyone with a phone has at least one charger for it. If you travel or work long hours, you may have an extra charger or two. Those can often be thrown in the trash if you get a new phone since it will likely require a different charger. A proposed universal charger could eliminate that problem.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Has 15% Return Rate

By Eric Zeman

According to tech analyst firm ITG, 15% of consumers who've purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab from a U.S. carrier have returned it.

Paessler Speeds Up Network Monitoring Tool

By Paul Korzeniowski

Faster, faster, and even faster, that is the expectation among IT users. In response, Paessler boosted the performance of PRTG, its network monitoring solution, by 300 percent.

Android Sits Atop The Smartphone Mountain

By Ed Hansberry

In the 4th quarter of 2009, Google was in fourth place with its Android platform. 2010 was a banner year for the fledgling platform and by the time the year was up, it had catapulted to the top spot.

Data Leak Vulnerability In Android Gingerbread

By George Hulme

Google's Android Gingerbread (version 2.3) operating system is affected by a data-leak vulnerability that is very similar to a vulnerability in an earlier version that was supposed to have been fixed.

Automation Takes Center Stage In The Channel

By Michele Pepe-Warren

SMBs, you've probably been wracking your brain for the past few years to come up with ways to do more with less. And you've probably harnessed all your creativity and tenacity to pull it off, right? But if you're finally running out of ideas, you might want to consider deploying process automation software.


How to Grow your Business in a Market of Continual Change

Join Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, InformationWeek & TechWeb and Paul Brunet, Vice President, IBM WebSphere and BPM Product Marketing for a discussion on how savvy business managers are using technology to chart a path to growth, partnering with their technology departments to deliver value, and creating an unprecedented advantage over the competition.

It happens Wednesday, February 23, 2010 -- Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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