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Google Plans App Store; Nokia Cranks Car Apps

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TOP STORY: Google Plans Store For Web Apps

MORE NEWS: Nokia Releases Spec For Mobile Apps In Cars

ANALYTIC REPORT: The Expanding Profile of Data Deduplication

WHITEPAPER: Guide to Selecting a Managed Hosting Provider

BLOG: When To Use Cloud Storage?

WEBCAST: Making Converged IT Infrastructure A Practical Reality

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InformationWeek Daily

 Friday, May 21, 2010 


"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
-- Conrad Hilton 


Google Plans Store For Web Apps

In an effort to make Web apps more easily discoverable and commercially viable, Google is building a Web app store into Chrome and Chrome OS.


Microsoft Web Apps Will Force Google's Hand

Image Gallery: Top 16 Google Services

Is Google Chrome A Corporate Option?


Nokia Releases Spec For Mobile Apps In Cars

Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen are on board with the technology specification for integrating mobile applications into automobiles.

Media Tablet Sales Expected To Surge

A six-fold increase in shipments of iPads and other slate computers will be driven by apps and services developed for the devices.

Oracle Acquires Database Firewall Firm

Secerno DataWall firewall appliance inspects commands, logs activities, and issues alerts to protect Oracle and other database systems.

Europe Sets Broadband Strategy

The European Commission says moving to a single broadband market would overcome a host of challenges and improve its citizens' access to high-speed Internet.

Google Previews Android 2.2 As Apple Antidote

Android 2.2 is coming soon, with support for Flash, speed improvements, and expanded enterprise features.

Symantec To Buy VeriSign Unit For $1.28 Billion

The deal includes VeriSign's secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate services, public key infrastructure (PKI) services, and identity protection and authentication service.

Healthcare Lagging On Enterprise Mobility

Gartner says healthcare CIOs need to take immediate steps toward implementing a sound wireless and mobile device strategy.

Novell Acquisition Bids Going Public

Up to 20 firms, mostly hedge funds, are considering trying to take over the software company.

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The Expanding Profile of Data Deduplication

There are multiple technologies on the table that vendors say will help us get a handle on our storage, from both a security/compliance angle as well as a growth perspective. In this report, we'll touch on many of these and help sort out whether deduplication in particular makes sense in your environment.

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Featured Report

5 Steps To Get -- And Stay -- FISMA Compliant And Secure

Implementing a program that is effective in actually securing assets and will continually address compliance is difficult. Guidelines such as the NIST 800 series, the Center for Internet Security Standards or even DISA's Security Technical Implementation Guides are confusing, and furthermore, much of the underlying data to be protected changes so quickly that yearly reviews of controls are woefully ineffective. Here's a better plan.

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Featured Report


spacer spacer spacer

Guide to Selecting a Managed Hosting Provider

Choosing a hosting provider can be a daunting task. Even when you know what features to look for, it's hard to discern if a hosting provider can deliver because they all say the same things. This guide will help you cut through the marketing messages and get to the meat of what to look for when selecting a hosting provider.
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Portable Spot Air Conditioners as Permanent Cooling Solutions for Office Data Centers

Using a building's central air-conditioning system to cool an office data center can be costly. Installing a precision cooling system or mini-split can also be expensive, and in leased spaces, is usually prohibited. This paper examines the benefits of using portable spot air conditioners as a less-expensive, permanent solution.
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Featured Blogger

When To Use Cloud Storage?

By George Crump

When storage managers start to sift through the hype surrounding cloud storage and try to decide if and where cloud storage would make sense in their environment, they are often left dazed and confused. There are so many companies trying to jump on the cloud storage bandwagon that almost any new feature makes them "the" cloud storage provider. The goal of this entry is provide some ideas on when should a business use cloud storage.


First Impressions Of Android 2.2 Froyo

By Eric Zeman

InformationWeek was able to spend some time using a Google Nexus One running the new Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. It lives up to Google's claims of being fast. But does that mean it is better?

First Impressions Of Adobe Flash Player 10.1

By Eric Zeman

InformationWeek had the opportunity to spend a few moments playing with Adobe's new Flash Player 10.1 for the Android platform. In general, it works well, but the "beta" label is well deserved. There are bugs, but Adobe will probably overcome them.

iPhone Dictates Response Time For Enterprise Apps: Plattner

By Bob Evans

Follow the logic: enterprise apps are surging onto smartphones, particularly Apple's iPhone. iPhone users will not wait more than 15 seconds to get a response from their device. Ergo, all enterprise apps -- even down to lowly dunning reports -- must be able to perform at or close to real time. For SAP founder Hasso Plattner, that 15-second maximum might as well be confirmed as a new law of physics.

Official Twitter Apps For BlackBerry, iPhone Updated

By Eric Zeman

Twitter recently rolled out some major updates to its official applications for the BlackBerry and iPhone platforms. The BlackBerry Twitter app received a large number of upgrades, including new features requested by users. The new iPhone Twitter app is a rebadged version of Tweetie 2.0.


Making Converged IT Infrastructure A Practical Reality

Join Jim Frey, research director at EMA, a leading IT analyst group, for an information-packed webinar to learn how this new generation of tightly integrated, stateless converged infrastructure solutions are delivering compelling capital and operational cost advantages today.

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Image Gallery: Siemens Healthcare Data Center Virtual Tour

Siemens Information Systems Center near Philadelphia hosts and maintains clinical and business applications for nearly 1,000 U.S. hospitals and healthcare delivery systems.

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