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Google Enables Document Sharing Among Groups

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TOP STORY: Google Enables Document Sharing Among Groups

MORE NEWS: Windows 7 RC Ends Thursday

ANALYTIC REPORT: Defense in Depth And the Rise of Data Loss Prevention

WHITEPAPER: Embrace Mobility at Your Business

BLOG: Linux's Desktop Growing Pains

WEBCAST: Accelerating Business Optimization Through Workload-Optimized Analytics Systems

RESOURCES: Making The Security Outsourcing Decision

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 Wednesday, Aug 19, 2009 


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Google Enables Document Sharing Among Groups

The search behemoth has added the doc, calendar, and site sharing feature, amid its bid to differentiate its online applications from Microsoft Office.


Google's GMail Popularity Surging

Google, Apple Rank Highest With Customers


Windows 7 RC Ends Thursday

The former Regional Bell is notifying customers that they need to select a new cell phone provider.

Motorola Boosts WLAN Security

The wireless network security product enables IT departments to simulate hacker attacks on their WLANs to spot and fix vulnerabilities.

Video Game Playing Linked To Health Risks

Adults who play video games are more likely to report being overweight, depressed, and in poor health than those who don't play.

Qwest Wireless Ending Service Oct. 31

The former Regional Bell is notifying customers that they need to select a new cell phone provider.

BlockBuster Bringing Movies To Motorola Phones

While the details are vague, the deal will eventually bring thousands of Hollywood films to Moto handsets.

IBM Turns RFID, Sensor Data Into Actions

Data collected from networked sensors on highways and across power grids can be used by governments and utilities to make decisions.

RIM Named World's Fastest-Growing Company

The BlackBerry maker has seen its profits increase 84% over the past three years, and now tops Fortune magazine's list of quickly rising companies.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge."
-- Daniel Boorstin 

iPhone Bug Saves Deleted E-Mail

The flaw appears to be connected to the Spotlight search feature in the Apple iPhone 3.0 software.

Palm Accepting Pre Apps

Developers will receive 70% of the revenues from any application sold in Palm's App Catalog.

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Defense in Depth And the Rise of Data Loss Prevention

Security pros continue to move from protecting systems to protecting data, and it's about time. Attackers are getting smarter, and complex new applications make repelling them ever harder. Technologies like data loss prevention, or DLP, purport to help. Here's what you need to know about this emerging discipline.

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Featured Report

Customer Service 2.0: Service Assurance

Your service assurance program must meld innovative tools and techniques to ensure the business gets the most bang from every IT buck spent. The nearly 500 respondents to our InformationWeek Analytics Service Assurance survey help show how.

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Featured Report
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Embrace Mobility at Your Business

Customers expect fast response and even faster service. Businesses that can't keep up will fall behind. You can help your employees stay connected and delivery superior service by embracing connectivity using smart cellular phones, wireless PDAs, laptops, and high-speed connectivity. Learn more about getting and staying mobile.
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Unified Communications and Your Business

What is Unified Communications? It's an ecosystem; a powerful collection of applications and capabilities that provide real-time communication when and where you need it. Learn about the myths and market drivers of this unique business strategy.
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Featured BloggerLinux's Desktop Growing Pains

Posted by Serdar Yegulalp

It's long past time to stop talking about Linux as the hotshot new upstart, and to demand the same things from it as any other environment. That means no more excuses about what's to come, but results right now -- especially on the desktop.


Healthcare Reform Must Include Connected Health

Posted by Dr. Joseph C. Kvedar

There's great excitement and much debate over President Obama's ambitious healthcare reform agenda. Unfortunately, its three major thrusts--adoption of health information technology (HIT), universal access, and payment reform--focus only on improved access. Policy makers are realizing that these initiatives will only lead to cost increases and magnify healthcare labor shortages.

Workgroup Co-Chair Says HIT Certification Process Is 'Going Well'

Posted By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Last week, the HIT Policy Committee, which is advising the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services on the details of the $20 billion health IT stimulus programs, made several recommendations related to the certification of e-health products. Marc Probst, a co-chair of the HIT Policy Committee's certification and adoption workgroup, provides some insight.

Cloud Computing Takes Away Business From IT Outsourcers

Posted By Mary Hayes Weier

Something that often gets lost in the discussion about cloud computing is what it means for traditional IT outsourcing. Many of the benefits are the same: Reduced costs, less internal development of software, reduced management of applications and hardware. So as cloud computing matures, it seems the IT outsourcing industry will have to evolve to adapt.

IBM R&D Head Driving Open Innovation

Posted By Bob Evans

While IBM, year after year, is awarded more patents than any other company, it has also become a huge proponent of the red-hot concept of open innovation that allows R&D to scale up and out across organizational boundaries. The concept has also caught on in big ways at GE, HP, Eli Lilly, USC, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

HTC G1 Update: Cloudy With Little Chance Of Donut

Posted By Eric Zeman

Some bickering has sprung up recently about what software updates will be made available to the HTC G1 and myTouch 3G, the two Android phones available from T-Mobile. Developers are saying one thing, HTC is saying another, and T-Mobile is sticking to a third version of reality. Who's saying what to whom and why does it matter: The HTC G1 may be incompatible with future versions of Android.


Accelerating Business Optimization Through Workload-Optimized Analytics Systems

Attend a one-hour Webcast that explores the importance of analytics in optimizing business results, why companies struggle to meet their current analytic and information needs, and the importance of flexibility in a high-performance analytics infrastructure.
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Making The Security Outsourcing Decision

Making The Security Outsourcing Decision
At a time when cybercrime has never been more prolific and sophisticated, the economy is forcing virtually every company to downsize its staffing and budgets for cyberdefense. In response, IT is taking a hard look at using third-party services to meet security challenges. This report outlines the various security outsourcing options available, including a breakdown of third-party categories and the security technologies each offers. (Registration required.)

InformationWeek 500 Conference: Navigating The Boardroom

Why blog when you can vlog it? We look at tools from Adobe, DeskShare, Corel, Cyberlink, and Microsoft that allow basic video editing and quick uploads.

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