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Google App Engine Price Outrage | iPhone5: My Dream Teardown

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Friday, September 2, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistiPhone 5 Lost In Men's Room: My Dream Teardown
By Art Wittmann
I'm not sure if it's the iPhone 5, 6, or 7, but I love it.

iPhone 5 Lost In Bar? Say It Ain't So
Sprint: 'No Comment' On iPhone 5

Google App Engine Price Hike Stuns Developers
A pricing change first discussed in May now prompts an outcry as developers see their bills skyrocket.

5 Location-Tracking Rights You Should Demand
Microsoft, Apple, and Google are being sued over location-tracking practices. Isn't it time for a location privacy bill of rights?

Amazon Pushes Harder To Win Government Cloud Market
Microsoft and Google logged early wins, but Amazon Web Services is taking new steps to win over government cloud customers.

Samsung: We Don't Want To Buy WebOS
CEO says Samsung Electronics is committed to its own Bada platform, and that its software teams are working "harder than outside people think."

What HP Must Do Now For CIOs
The decline of the HP Way turned off employees. Now HP must clarify its strategy to worried enterprise customers.

HTC Mango phones
HTC Reveals Windows Phone 7 Mango Smartphones Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" update should be "broadly available" in October, Microsoft exec says.

Apple Connector 2.0 For Windows Phone 7 Debuts
Microsoft synchronization software lets Mac OS X users sync with Windows Phone 7 devices. But I'd like Zune desktop software for the Mac.

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason. -- J. P. Morgan


HTC Mango phones
Apple Connector 2.0 For Windows Phone 7 Debuts
Very Virtual: Storage For Highly Converged Networks
Security Threat Report 2011 Released
iPhone 5 Lost In Bar? Say It Ain't So
Bringing Sustainability to the Data Center
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"The issue is that while the original owner and their agent have a right to track down their property they do not have a right to break federal wiretapping laws for any reason. So the question becomes did they break those laws. And the judge is probably correct in saying that they might have."
In reply to: Laptop Tracking Software Faces New Privacy Heat
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Posted By ANON1241631011972:
"Most confidentiality agreements are not proof against disclosure of illegal activity. If Wikileaks is in receipt of information that never belonged to them (i.e.; stolen property), is it rational for that to even be lawfully covered under a confidentiality agreement?"
In reply to: WikiLeaks Sues Guardian, Cables Controversy Grows
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Very Virtual: Storage For Highly Converged Networks
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Security Threat Report 2011 Released
Malware is complex, seemingly everywhere and is often difficult to stop. It knows how to find your data-even on your mobile device and Mac. Targeting high-profile organizations, damaging data loss incidents and web threats - such as fake antivirus and SEO poisoning-continue to make headlines for malware attacks this year. Download the latest report to understand how the latest threats work and how to keep your business safe.
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iPhone 5 Lost In Bar? Say It Ain't So
Another Apple employee has reportedly lost yet another iPhone prototype in a California bar.

12 Hot Mobile Medical Apps
Mobile medicine is everywhere. There's the iPhone app that lets you cut away images of muscle layers to see what lies beneath, an e-health record system for the iPad, and a smartphone-based blood pressure monitor. Here are a dozen innovative ones.

iPhone 5, Nexus Prime Slated For Epic Battle
An AT&T executive let slip that Apple's iPhone 5 may launch in early October. That's also when the Google Nexus Prime is expected.

Microsoft Sued Over Phone Tracking
Windows Phone 7's camera application said to gather location data even if users disallow location data collection.

Sybase IQ Gains Beefier Analysis Capabilities
Analytic database graduates from marts to enterprise data warehouse needs through massively parallel processing, distributed querying, and an API for unstructured data.



Mozilla's Web-Only Operating System Layer
Essentially a stripped-down browser, the Mozilla web-only operating system layer has much in common with Google Chrome.   View Now

10 Essential Google+ Tips
10 Key Steve Jobs Moments and Innovations


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WhisperCore Mitigates Risks Of Android In Businesses
TechWebTV catches up with Whisper Systems' CTO and co-founder Moxie Marllinspike to discuss and demo WhisperCore -- a mobile security solution that brings BlackBerry-like centralized enterprise-grade security to Android devices.   Watch

MANDIANT CSO Talks Threats To His Company and His Clients
Intel Labs Invests in the Future of Cloud and Embedded Computing



Bringing Sustainability to the Data Center
In this webcast we will explore the benefits of operating a sustainable data center and then discuss concrete strategies that IT and facilities managers can use to save water, energy and natural resources, reduce environmental impact and improve indoor air quality. It happens Tuesday, September 13, 2011 -- Time: 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET More Information & Registration

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