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Gmail-To-Outlook Glitch Fixed

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TOP STORY: Gmail-To-Outlook Glitch Fixed

MORE NEWS: GSA Chief Seeks Change, IT Innovation

ANALYTIC REPORT: Tipping The Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends

WHITEPAPER: 2 Alternative Enterprise Operating Systems Revealed

BLOG: Dell Builds Out Virtualized Server Management

WEBCAST: Databases at Risk -- and HOWTO Address Them

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InformationWeek Daily

 Friday, March 26, 2010 


"Speak not injurious Words neither in Jest nor Earnest. Scoff at none although they give Occasion."
-- The Papers of George Washington, Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour 


Gmail-To-Outlook Glitch Fixed

Google says it's resolved a problem with Google Apps that halted delivery of e-mails and other information to Outlook users.


Google Gmail Getting Social Features

Google: We're Encrypting Everyone's Gmail Automatically

Google Launches Store For Web Apps

Top 10 Reasons To Outsource Enterprise Email To Gmail


GSA Chief Seeks Change, IT Innovation

The government's main internal supplier is poised for growth, says the General Services Administration's new head, Martha Johnson.

House Bans File Sharing By Government Employees

Senate yet to consider the bill, which bans federal employees from using peer-to-peer networks at work or when accessing government networks at home.

Intel Updates AppUp Center

The online app store, open for U.S. and Canadian netbooks powered by Moblin 2.1, will be extended to 27 European countries next week.

CA Completes 3Tera Acquisition

The purchase of 3Tera, a supplier of application packaging for the cloud, is CA's third acquisition of a cloud computing startup this year.

Toshiba Unveils 1TB 2.5 Inch HDD

The terabyte hard disk drive and a companion 750-GB model are targeted at mobile PCs, all-in-one desktops, televisions, and set-top boxes.

Data Dupes Prompt HIT Overspending

Redundant health data hosted by multiple providers could be costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in health IT overexpenditures, analyst says.

Novell Acquisition Bidding Stalls

The company's directors are hoping another firm will make a purchase offer above Elliot Associates' $2 billion bid to acquire Novell.

Publishers Inking iPad Ad Deals

Major publishers are reportedly lining up advertisers to buy interactive ads, including video, to appear on Apple's iPad.

Samsung Intros LTE Phone

The SCH-r900, to be offered by prepaid provider MetroPCS, upstages the buzz around Sprint's 4G Android phone at the CTIA Wireless show.



Tipping The Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends

Fiscal discipline and business-focused IT delivery are guiding principles for today's data center professionals. Now the question is, how can those charged with physical operation add efficiency, manage virtualization up and down the stack, wisely adopt new technologies, and track every watt and bit of space -- all while feeling the heat?

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Featured Report

RoboNets: Application-Aware Networks Advance

Switch vendors have been plotting for years to sideline severs by making their devices application aware, with some envisioning a day when data centers are little more than a collection of virtual machines running on a giant switch.

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Featured Report


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2 Alternative Enterprise Operating Systems Revealed

Uncover the secrets to an effective mobile device strategy that will create more informed decisions, accelerated transactions, stronger customer and business partner relationships while providing timely onsite service.
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Faster Customer Response Times: The Secret Revealed

Discover an an integrated, Web-based sales reporting system that enables better decisions by quickly sensing changes in customer preferences and responding in real-time.
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Featured BloggerDell Builds Out Virtualized Server Management

By Charles Babcock

Dell has learned a lot over the last three and a half years, as it's quietly established its Data Center Solutions business, producing cloud-configured servers for, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Now it's crafting management systems to manage those servers like a cloud, as well.


Google Payola Scheme Sullies Android's Success

By Eric Zeman

According to sources at two different wireless network operators, Google has been paying the carriers to deploy the Android platform. Perhaps that's why Android headlines have dominated trade shows this year, such as CES, Mobile World Congress and CTIA. With this knowledge, I believe it's fair to say Google has fully turned to the Dark Side.

Google Gives BlackBerry Storm New Search App

By Eric Zeman

Today Google finally made a version of its Mobile Search application available to the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 handsets. The app includes useful features such as Voice Search and stored search history. It's a free download.

Shoot Yourself In The Foot Much, Clearwire?

By Eric Zeman

Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow didn't do the company any favors in a recent discussion with the press. He believes that the world should agree on one next-generation wireless networking technology. In theory, that's a great idea. Rather than say, "It should be WiMax," he said, "We can switch to LTE if we have to."

Hacker Cracks Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7

By George Hulme

Despite the security measures included in Windows 7, two security researchers were able to defeat the security provided to users running Internet Explorer 8 on top of Microsoft's latest operating system.

TSA Wants To Track Your Phone's Movements

By Ed Hansberry

The Transportation Security Administration is proposing to install devices in airports that would track your electronic devices as you move through the facility. They claim this would only be used as you wait in security lines to see how long the average wait times are and then use that information to make adjustments to better serve you. Uh huh.


Databases at Risk -- and HOWTO Address Them

If your SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft or product design system were breached by cybercriminals with compromised superuser credentials -- would you know? Could you prove it to your auditors?

It happens March 25, 2010 @ 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

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