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Global CIO: Larry Ellison Swaps Cloud Rants For Love With Exalogic

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TOP STORY: Global CIO: Larry Ellison Swaps Cloud Rants For Love With Exalogic

MORE NEWS: Brocade Shares Jump On IBM Takeover Talk

ANALYTIC REPORT: Business Value of Reservationless Storage

WHITEPAPER: Thin Provisioning Explained

SLIDESHOW: Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

VIDEO: The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

BLOG: Enterprise 2.0 Watch: Upgrades Chatter

WEBCAST: When "Free" Isn't Always Affordable

RESOURCES: Please Take Our 2010 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Well, when you're trying to create things that are new, you have to be prepared to be on the edge of risk." --Michael Eisner



Global CIO: Larry Ellison Swaps Cloud Rants For Love With Exalogic

Theatrics aside, Ellison's conversion from cloud-ranter to cloud-computing arms merchant reveals a great deal about today's rapidly shifting IT landscape.


Global CIO: Oracle Launches 'Cloud In A Box' And New Cloud Business

Global CIO: Oracle's New Fusion Apps: An Inside Look

Global CIO: Will Larry Ellison Launch Bidding War With IBM For Netezza?


Brocade Shares Jump On IBM Takeover Talk

Report indicates networking gear vendor may follow Netezza on Big Blue's acquisition list.

RIM's BlackPad, BlackBerries To Use New OS

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Research In Motion plans to debut its tablet next week with a brand new operating system.

First Impressions Of Android 2.2 On Droid X

After the Android 2.2 Froyo update is installed, users of the Motorola Droid X should notice vastly improved performance of the smartphone.

Mobile Workforce Poses Increasing Security Threat

New report from Symantec finds that surveillance does alter behavior, with workers being 35% more likely to run afoul of corporate surfing policies when they're mobile, rather than in the office.

Netezza Share Spike Signals Bidding War

IBM may not be the only tech conglomerate with eyes for the suddenly hot data appliance vendor.

Adobe Releases Photoshop, Premiere Elements 9

Better tools for automated photo and video editing and posting pictures on social networks are included in the consumer photo and video editing products.

  Digital Issue  


For years, market leaders IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle have delivered
stability and a steady flow of new capabilities in exchange for hefty
license fees. But new database options, as well as concerns about
licensing and security, could shake the status quo.

Get all the details from our State of Database Technology Survey,
exclusively in our September 20th Digital issue.

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Cisco Expands SMB Offerings

Video monitoring, managed network switches and IP phones are among the products and services the networking provider has introduced for small and midsize businesses.

Google Sues Rogue Pill Peddlers

Rogue advertisers are trying to get around Google's rules to sell prescription drugs online.

FCC Hopes White Spaces Vote Appeases Critics

The Federal Communications Commission aims to show that it can successfully walk the fine line between helping consumers and not stifling business innovation.



Business Value of Reservationless Storage

Is your IT group grappling with the cost and complexity of storing data? If you're looking to achieve greater efficiency, consider reservationless storage services, which improves utilization rates while cutting operational expenses. This ESG paper discusses new technologies that enable just-in-time storage provisioning.

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Featured Report

InformationWeek 500 2010

This year's InformationWeek 500 companies are refocusing their IT efforts on innovation and growth, often after deep cuts during the downturn. Find all charts and stats on the top 500 IT organizations in the nation.

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Featured Report


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Thin Provisioning Explained

Exploding volumes of data that organizations need to manage are placing pressure on IT groups faced with budget constraints. Thin provisioning centralizes management and automates processes across a multi-node SAN to provide storage capacity for applications at the exact moment they need it.
Download Now

Research: 2010 State of Storage

In this report, we examine the winners and losers and share our recommendations for the top technology and process improvements enterprises should consider in the coming year.
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Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

There are several iPad apps that bring the device into business meetings, but Fuze lets the iPad serve as meeting host.   View Now

19 Gadgets That Changed The World
IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2


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The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

Peter Hinssen, Managing Director, Across Group, describes how IT is evolving in the "New Normal" world of virtualization.   Watch


New Role of IT

Interacting with ASIMO




Featured Blogger

Enterprise 2.0 Watch: Upgrades Chatter

By Alexander Wolfe

Another salvo in the battle for social enterprise market- and mindshare is being fired on Wednesday, when takes the stage at Oracle OpenWorld to unveil what it's calling a major upgrade to its Chatter collaboration tool.


Giving Patients Meaningful Health Data

By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Healthcare providers aren't the only ones trying to achieve meaningful use of health IT. Patients are also increasingly looking to use electronic tools meaningfully for managing and tracking their own healthcare.

NOAA Streamlines, Awards Small-Business Contracts

By Michele Pepe-Warren

In these days of climate change, wacky weather patterns, and fast-diminishing natural resources, the work of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is more vital than ever. Today, the agency unveiled NOAALink, a new IT business model, and 10 small businesses are the immediate beneficiaries.

The Cookies You Can't Remove

By Jim Rapoza

They say that some things last forever, like diamonds or true love or Twinkies. But should browser cookies used for tracking be added to that list?

Change Of Seasons Good Time To Change Passwords

By Keith Ferrell

Whether you look at it as the end of summer or the beginning of fall, the season change offers a convenient point on the calendar to change passwords and review certain security basics.


When "Free" Isn't Always Affordable

Comparing Proprietary Business Rule Software with Open Source Alternatives Get the facts on open source. This webcast examines a recent comparative study between the WebSphere ILOG JRules business rule management system (BRMS) and JBoss Drools, an open source business rule management product.

It happens Wednesday, September 29, 2010 -- 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

More Information & Registration


Please Take Our 2010 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Survey

This fall, the leaders of the public and private sectors will convene at Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C., to discuss government's critical challenges. Request an invitation to join this unparalleled group of influencers and help shape the future of health care delivery, cybersecurity, financial regulation, and education.

Survey ends Sept. 24

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At the award-winning InformationWeek 500 Virtual Event, you'll have an opportunity to experience highlights from the live conference and exclusive content presented in a unique virtual environment that allows you to personally connect with C-level executives from leading global companies.

Speakers will discuss how they're delivering on the most critical business priorities of the day and meeting The Growth Imperative.

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See the latest collaboration tools and technologies at Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara's comprehensive conference and expo. Gain thought leadership -- from strategy to execution and performance monitoring -- to bring the power of collaboration to your organization, accelerate information flow, drive revenue, and increase productivity.

It takes place Nov. 8-11, 2010, in Santa Clara, Calif.

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