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GeoTrust Intros ChosenSecurity

NEEDHAM, Mass. -- ChosenSecurity, Inc., a leading specialist in identity verification and security services for ensuring secure online communications, today announced its formation and the availability in North America of its customer-proven managed authentication and identity services. The company, previously a subsidiary of GeoTrust, Inc., is headed by GeoTrust veterans, including Neal Creighton, chief executive officer. ChosenSecurity introduces to this market a set of comprehensive, competitively priced identity verification solutions and services that have been proven in use by more than 3,000 customers around the world.

ChosenSecurity offers enterprise authentication services that secure access to VPNs and portals; access control software that can be applied to any form factor, including software, tokens or smart cards; client certificates to allow secure email; root signing and root hosting; and digital signing services for online invoicing, time stamping and signatures. The company has been serving customers such as Airbus, BMW, Continental Tires, Deutsche Bank, the National Notary Association and Siemens.

"The most sensitive information is moving online, yet businesses and governments are visibly struggling to secure it," said Creighton. "An elemental problem is reliance on user names and passwords, which don't provide adequate protection. ChosenSecurity brings the most advanced two-factor authentication services to the market to help organizations verify the identities of employees, customers and partners-a crucial step in any effective security strategy. While at GeoTrust, we offered a quality product for less money. Customers will enjoy the same benefit with ChosenSecurity's two-factor authentication services at a lower price than VeriSign's Managed PKI service, RSA/EMC's SecurID product, and other providers."

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