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Game On!

We asked our readers to submit their best lame excuses for holding a LAN Gaming Party in the office. By the responses, it sounds like some of our submitters may have actually used them in practice.

The Top 11 can be seen this week in our latest Last Mile. But until then, here's the lot of them for your viewing pleasure.

  • To stress test the new mouse pads -- Suresh Kumar
  • Network Bandwith Testing -- Ryan P. Robe
    testing IP packet routing between network campuses with different
    subnet addresses -- Ryan P. Robe
  • The IT staff keeps uninstalling all the games on user's PCs -- Danny
  • Keeps the CAT5 cables from getting brittle from lack of use -- Dennis
  • Makes our wives think we are actually working, instead of gaming at
    home -- Dave Kelley
  • We use the pod racers to push more packets through the system -- Johnnie
  • We're trying to clean out the buffers in the router. I noticed they
    were almost full this morning.. -- Thomas
  • Management wanted more "color" on the network utilization charts -- Dave
  • It was cheaper than buying that expensive traffic generation software --
    Dave Kretzmer
  • To try out our new Grid Computing environment -- Steve Bistline
  • It is a "Team Building Exercise". Sure the teams end up in bloody,
    brutal combat resulting in hurt feelings and flying body parts, but you
    get the idea.... -- Bill Hellar
  • Testing the switches for Data Storms -- Curtis Griffin
  • Corporate LAN throughput stress testing -- Curtis Griffin
  • Need to do bandwidth capacity testing off hours -- RastaTech
  • Network performance testing. Lots and LOTS of network performance
    testing -- Patrick Kingsley
  • Monthly Gigabyte Bandwith Test recommended by the network equipment
    vendor -- Josep L. Guallar-Esteve
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