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FTC Warns Of Widespread Data Breaches

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TOP STORY: FTC Warns Of Widespread Data Breaches

MORE NEWS: White House Calls For Healthcare IT Task Force

ANALYTIC REPORT: Inside Dell's Enterprise Strategy

WHITEPAPER: Achieving the Goals of Agile Development: IT Professionals Speak Out

BLOG: Storage Services In The Infrastructure

WEBCAST: Virtualizing Your Critical Windows And Linux Infrastructure Using KVM

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 Wednesday, February 24, 2010 



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FTC Warns Of Widespread Data Breaches

Almost 100 organizations have been notified by the agency that sensitive personal data about their employees and customers has been shared from their networks over peer-to-peer file sharing services.


Data-Centric Security: Mix Technology, Process

Global Botnet Attack Hits Enterprise, Government PCs

FTC Examining Cloud Computing


White House Calls For Healthcare IT Task Force

The Office of Management and Budget is calling for a coordinated effort to implement goals of the HITECH Act across various government agencies.

Lenovo Refreshes ThinkPad Laptops

The company introduced two ultra-portable laptops, a tablet, and two portable workstations in its ThinkPad line, all targeted toward enterprise users.

Former Intelligence Chief: U.S. Would Lose Cyberwar

Michael McConnell, former director of national intelligence, warns that the threat of a cyberattack rivals nuclear weapons in terms of seriousness.

Mobile Broadband Making Inroads

An FCC survey shows that 15% of Americans are now using mobile wireless broadband on laptops, a percentage that will likely increase as more robust 4G networks are deployed.

FBI Investigating Web Spycam

As a federal investigation begins, a security researcher has uncovered evidence related to the case and provided a way to identify the surveillance software.

In-Home Telemedicine Study Launched

Mayo, GE, and Intel will explore how videoconferencing and electronic health monitoring can help sick, elderly patients remain in their homes and avoid costly hospitalizations.

Navy Soliciting Cybersecurity Bids

The Office of Naval Research plans to spend $16 billion through 2015 to protect its data and secure operations in the event of a cyberattack.

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
-- Aldous Huxley 

Intel, VCs Investing $3.5 Billion In U.S. Tech

The tech giant wants to help boost the U.S. economy by promoting venture capital investments and more hiring of college grads.

Wireless Leads RadioShack To 26% Profit Gain

The retailer's strategy of beefing up its mobile phone offerings led the company to earn $75.7 million in fourth-quarter net income.

Full Nelson: Healthcare Innovation: Kaiser's Garfield Center

Provider's lab offers an exciting peek into the technological future of patient care.

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Inside Dell's Enterprise Strategy

A critical look at how the formerly hardware-centric powerhouse is going deeper into the enterprise, fielding a data center strategy encompassing server, storage, and networking technologies.

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Data-Centric Security

In this exclusive report, we explore the link between adoption of DLP and data-centric security and reveal what other technology is just as important, detail best practices to become more focused on data, and discuss when IT can help most by keeping its hands off.

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Achieving the Goals of Agile Development: IT Professionals Speak Out

How can your IT group deliver quality, complex applications that support global 24x7 operations, while meeting aggressive deadlines? This whitepaper sheds light on best practices for "agile development," showing you how to align software development with customer needs and company goals.
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Managing User Access Business Risk

User access-related business risk comprises a broad array of potentially damaging events. This paper discusses the consequences of unacceptable levels of risk and presents a model for managing access-related risk.
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Featured BloggerStorage Services In The Infrastructure

Posted by George Crump

In our last entry we discussed using storage services as part of the hypervisor in a virtual server environment. In this entry we will explore embedding those services as part of a SAN infrastructure itself.


Motorola May No Longer Call Chicago Home

Posted by Eric Zeman

As part of its reorganizational efforts, Motorola indicated that it might pick up and move its handset and home businesses to California. Why? Because apparently Motorola thinks the talent pool in Chicago is tapped out.

Piper Jaffray Sees Gold Rush In Cloud Software

Posted By Charles Babcock

Investment advisor Piper Jaffray interviewed 100 CIOs and IT managers, then wrote up its conclusions in a 320-page report, neatly summarized by its title: "The Future Is In the Cloud." Spending on software as a service and cloud computing will grow from 5.7% today to 13.5% of all software spending in five years, it predicts.

Number Of iPhone Users Surpasses WinMo Users

Posted By Eric Zeman

After two and a half years in the market, Apple's iPhone has overtaken Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform in overall smartphone share around the globe. Apple moved past Microsoft to become the third-largest deployed smartphone platform worldwide. RIM holds onto the number two spot worldwide, but Nokia is still number one.

HP Not Rolling Over On Cisco's Severed Ties

Posted By Alexander Wolfe

Monday's post was not the whole story as regards Hewlett-Packard's response to Cisco's impending termination of the partnership agreement between the two. While the statement HP e-mailed me might create the perception that it's a mature--albeit wilting--flower, shying away from a good fight, a look beneath the surface indicates nothing could be further from the truth.

Will Palm Survive 2010?

Posted By Eric Zeman

Palm's stock has declined from a high of over $17 in October to just over $8.50 as of this morning. What's behind the halving of Palm's value? Well, tepid sales of its webOS smartphones are one factor. Its low stockpile of cash isn't helping either. Can the ailing company make it through the year without being absorbed by a competitor?


Virtualizing Your Critical Windows And Linux Infrastructure Using KVM

This Webcast will talk about the overall factors organizations should consider when starting or expanding their virtualization initiatives, including hypervisor selection, management tools, and expansion planning.

It happens Thursday, Feb. 25.

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First Infrared Images From NASA's WISE Satellite

NASA's infrared satellite will scan the entire sky searching out previously unseen comets, asteroids, stars and galaxies.

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Now in its second year, InformationWeek's 2010 Government IT Innovators program will shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative government IT organizations -- at the federal, state, and local levels.

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