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FTC Sues Intel For Monopoly Tactics

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TOP STORY: FTC Sues Intel For Monopoly Tactics

MORE NEWS: IT Jobs: CIOs Need Help But Won't Hire

ANALYTIC REPORT: Encryption Still Eludes Enterprises

WHITEPAPER: Tackling the Top 5 NAC Challenges

BLOG: 9 Reasons Enterprises Shouldn't Switch To Hyper-V

WEBCAST: Clustering Database Applications To Lower Costs

RESOURCES: State of the Data Center Survey

InformationWeek Daily

 Thursday, December 17, 2009 



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FTC Sues Intel For Monopoly Tactics

Competition watchdog says chipmaker illegally bullied PC makers into using its chips.


Top 10 Intel & AMD Stories Of 2009

Intel Demos 48-Core CPU

Intel Overclocks To Go Beyond The PC

Intel Larrabee Graphics Chip Cancelled


IT Jobs: CIOs Need Help But Won't Hire

Hiring for permanent IT positions is flat, but bright spots are seen for IT contractors specializing in security, BI, and SAP.

Congress Goes Wireless

The House of Representatives is preparing to roll out its wireless network, though the timeline for completion is unclear.

EMC Speeds Up Storage Connectivity

The Symmetrix V-Max storage array gets 8Gb-per-second connectivity for mainframe and open systems environments.

Psystar Barred From Selling Mac Clones

The permanent injunction follows a judgment that Psystar violated Apple's Mac OS copyright.

Immigration Bill Proposes H-1B Visa Changes

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 would let employers tap into unused visas from previous years.

Global CIO: The World's Largest Private Cloud: Who's Number One?

Its 13 petabytes include archived data from the world's top banks and pharma companies, and it's growing rapidly. The owner's name starts with A -- but it's not Amazon.

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat."
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Software Tools Help Manage Clinical Trials

Web-based, analytic software tools help pharmaceutical firms keep patient recruitment on track for clinical trials.

Abbott To Buy LIMS Firm For $123 Million

The acquisition of Starlims, a provider of laboratory information management systems, aims to boost Abbott's position in the global diagnostics market.



Encryption Still Eludes Enterprises

Data is a company's most important asset, yet it's also the easiest to
lose. Even though many regulations and compliance frameworks require
encryption for data in motion and at rest, only 14% of respondents to
this InformationWeek survey say that encryption is pervasive. Find out
where sensitive data is going unencrypted and what's holding IT back from
adopting encryption end to end.

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Welcome To The CIO Revolution: A New IT Manifesto

This report looks at a variety of new approaches and technologies that let IT rebels take on a whole new role, enhancing their companies' competitiveness and engaging their entire organizations more intimately with customers.

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Tackling the Top 5 NAC Challenges

Business trends like mobility and outsourcing present IT with the challenging task of opening the network to a dynamic workforce, while at the same time protecting critical assets from vulnerabilities. See how Unified Access Control can help.
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Sustaining SOX Compliance

Today's regulatory environment requires proactive risk management along with greater accountability. Discover tools to help your organization identify, track and validate its business processes to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.
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Featured Blogger9 Reasons Enterprises Shouldn't Switch To Hyper-V

Posted By Elias Khnaser

In my job I'm privileged to help companies navigate virtualization challenges. Lately, more and more enterprise IT groups are asking about migrating to Hyper-V because of perceived significant cost savings, from a licensing perspective. I always expected that at some point I would have to address this question, but I thought that time would be two or three years from now.


White House Asks For Transparency Help

Posted by J. Nicholas Hoover

Last week, the Obama administration announced the Open Government Directive, a tangible step toward the transparency the President has touted. Now, White House officials are asking citizens to keep the government accountable.

Google Corrects Android Market Numbers Down To 16,000

Posted By Eric Zeman

Yesterday, AndroLib noted that the Android Market had recently surpassed 20,000 applications. Not so, says Google. What's behind the 4,000 missing Android apps?

Race To The Finish Line For Meaningful Use

Posted By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Unless you're in an industry like retail, the weeks leading up to the holidays are a time when a lot of people use up vacation days and catch up on end-of-year chores. But I suspect that for many folks in healthcare, the holidays this year will be more hectic than usual.

Microsoft Offers Bing iPhone App

Posted By Eric Zeman

Microsoft is pushing its Bing search engine pretty hard into the mobile space. It already has distribution deals with the likes of Verizon Wireless, but now it is stepping into an interesting new realm. Microsoft has made a free Bing application for the iPhone.


Clustering Database Applications To Lower Costs

Join us for a conversation with Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst at Forrester Research, to learn how clustering database applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, SAP, and other applications with Oracle RAC can reduce server and storage costs, and lighten the load for your database administrators. It happens Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.
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