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France, Germany Say Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

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TOP STORY: France, Germany Say Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

MORE NEWS: IBM Patenting Airport Security Profiling Technology

ANALYTIC REPORT: Data-Centric Protection: The Evolution Continues

WHITEPAPER: 7 Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs

BLOG: Was Novell Too Quick To Use China/Google Incident To Disparage Cloud Computing?

WEBCAST: Unified Enterprise Network Management

RESOURCES: Virtual Event: Modernizing IT Governance, Risk, And Compliance To Accelerate Flexibility And Visibility

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, January 20, 2010 


"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."
-- Jerry Garcia 


France, Germany Say Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

IT security organizations for both countries on Friday cited the attacks against Google and 33 other organizations as the reason.


Prepare for IE9 -- Or Not

Google's Chrome Now The No. 3 Browser

Which Web Browser And Why?


Wolfe's Den: IBM Patenting Airport Security Profiling Technology

A dozen "secret" patent applications define a sophisticated scheme for airport terminal and perimeter protection, incorporating potential support for computer implementation of passenger behavioral profiling to detect security threats.

Full Nelson: Who Dell Is (Part 2)

The company built on commodity PCs is carrying its principles of predictability, reliability, and usability into the data center. Will that be enough to wow enterprise customers?

Cisco Launches VideoStream

The system delivers video and multimedia applications over wireless and wired networks.

Google Android Phone Launches Delayed In China

By confronting Chinese authorities on search censorship, Google may be endangering other parts of its business.

Microsoft Boosts Bing Search Privacy

The company will reduce the amount of time it keeps search query data.

Nvidia Previews GF100 Graphics Processor

The gaming GPU is the first based on Nvidia's Fermi architecture and features support for Windows 7's DirectX 11 technologies.

Avaya Roadmap Leverages Nortel Enterprise Gear

The company is using its Aura SIP-based platform as an upgrade path for all existing Nortel voice and UC customers.

Government Finds U.S. Slipping In Tech Dominance

The U.S. lead in science, engineering, and technology is slipping as Asia's capabilities rise, report says.

Boomi Offers Automated App Integration

The startup supplies automated, online version of application integration, and seeks additional adapters and connectors from app writers.

Mobile App Store Sales Rising

Games are the top smartphone applications, while mobile shopping, social networking, and productivity tools continue to climb.



Data-Centric Protection: The Evolution Continues

In this InformationWeek Analytics Informed CIO report, we discuss where new technologies come in, and where properly applying processes and products you already own is more important. Learn more about data loss prevention, database activity monitoring and blocking, encryption, and information rights management.

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Featured Report

Using Service Providers To Boost Protection

While the SaaS market is, in many ways, still in its infancy, hosted e-mail security firms are leading the way thanks to ease of implementation and many obvious benefits. Still, these services aren't without risks. In this report, we'll discuss how to determine what mix of in-house and hosted mail makes sense for your organization.

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Featured Report


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7 Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs

Manufacturing environments today are complex, often with multiple sites, offshore subcontractors, many component suppliers and various revisions of technology within the lifecycle of a product. Find out how manufacturing technology can help.
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Provide IT Support From Your iPhone

See how the LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone provides top-notch IT support by accessing computers even when you're away from them.
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Featured BloggerWas Novell Too Quick To Use China/Google Incident To Disparage Cloud Computing?

Posted by David Berlind

Had Novell's director of public relations Ian Bruce not responded to my blog post about Google's choice to change Gmail's default transmission mode from HTTP to HTTPS, I would have never seen his own blog post on Novell's Web site. But I'm glad I saw it.


iPhone OS 4.0 Details Leak

Posted By Eric Zeman

According to various reports, next week's Apple event will reveal new features of iPhone OS 4.0. But why wait until then? An Apple insider has shared some details about iPhone OS 4.0 today.

Google Nixes New Android Phones In China

Posted By Eric Zeman

Google has decided to put off the launch of two brand new Android phones that were due to become available Wednesday, January 20, in China. The phones were made by Motorola and Samsung. Is it fair for Google to put the hurt on its business partners?

Details On Windows Mobile 7

Posted By Ed Hansberry

The rumors surrounding Windows Mobile have been heating up lately. There were some vague references to it at CES and many expect a big announcement about it at Mobile World Congress in February. Now we have a ton of info coming out about what WinMo 7 will actually look like. It is still early yet and things could change, but let's see how it looks so far.

'Supersonic' To Combine Sprint, HTC, Android, WiMax

Posted By Eric Zeman

Sprint and its partner Clear are still working hard at expanding their joint WiMax network. To date, only laptop dongles and desktop-bound modems are available for those interested in WiMax. No phones have been announced, but the Supersonic from HTC just might be the first.


Unified Enterprise Network Management

In today's dynamic, distributed enterprise, users have moved away from their desktops. They connect to the network with multiple mobile devices, on campus and in branch offices, from home and on the road. Join us for an exciting Webinar in which Craig Mathias, principal at Farpoint Group, and Bryan Wargo, general manager at Aruba Networks, will discuss the next generation of enterprise network management and the impact mobility will play in the coming decade.

It happens Jan. 28.

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Virtual Event: Modernizing IT Governance, Risk, And Compliance To Accelerate Flexibility And Visibility

Take steps to repair weakened IT governance practices by attending this virtual event. The program will offer crucial guidance on both practical tools and strategic insight to enact more formidable governance systems. You'll have exclusive access to engaging Webcast presentations, online networking and chat, surveys, prize giveaways, virtual booths packed with informative resources, and more. It happens Feb. 10.

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