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Flock Refresh Trumps RockMelt

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TOP STORY: Flock Refresh Trumps RockMelt

MORE NEWS: Server Den: HP Fires Back At Oracle: 'Ellison Bought A Money Losing Business'

ANALYTIC REPORT: RFI: The New Data Center Network

WHITEPAPER: 10 Best Practices of Agile Tool Users

SLIDESHOW: Flock Browses All Your Social Connections

VIDEO: Ron Green Demos Parallel Building Blocks

BLOG: Is The Storage Industry Consolidated?

WEBCAST: Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

RESOURCES: Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, December 13, 2010


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -- Walt Disney



Flock Refresh Trumps RockMelt

The RockMelt social browser launch got tons of attention, but the Flock Web browser has been integrating with social networks for years and the latest version showcases several advantages over RockMelt.


Review: Opera 11 Beta Extends Innovation

Microsoft To Add Tracking Protection To IE9

Top 20 Apps For Managing Social Media


Server Den: HP Fires Back At Oracle: 'Ellison Bought A Money Losing Business'

Hewlett-Packard appears to have had enough of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s bashing, and is answering back in a statement that minces no words.

Innovation Mandate: American Students Score 'C' In Math And Science

In the first of a two-part series on STEM education, we look at the dim U.S. results on the latest PISA tests and ask: What's a country to do?

Facebook Rejected Microsoft's Acquisition Offer

A Microsoft exec has confirmed an offer was made, but the company declined to comment on whether the amount CEO Steve Ballmer offered in 2007 was $15 billion.

Microsoft To Patch 40 Vulnerabilities Tuesday

Security update will close the last known Stuxnet vulnerability, but won't address a zero-day bug reported Thursday in Internet Explorer.

WikiLeaks Supporters Download Botnet Toolkit 50,000 Times

Security experts warn those considering joining the pro-WikiLeaks army that it's very easy to trace those who participate in the illegal denial of service attacks.

Intel, AMD To Drop Analog Display Outputs

VGA and LVDS will be eliminated from the chipmakers' processor platforms by 2015 in favor of DisplayPort and HDMI digital interfaces for PC monitors, projectors, and embedded flat panel displays.

Two Cameras Will Grace Next iPad

Component supplier checks for Apple's next iPad have indicated that the next version of the tablet will include two cameras.

Ex-Goldman Sachs Programmer Convicted of Code Theft

Sergei Aleynikov faces a sentence of up to 15 tears for stealing sophisticated software used to execute trades.

iPad Supplanting Print Newspapers

People enjoy reading newspapers on the Apple device so much that they're likely to cancel their print subscriptions, according to the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Apache Leaves Java Community Process

The Apache Software Foundation has resigned from the Oracle-dominated JCP because it believes it's being thwarted by Oracle on its Harmony initiative.

White House IT Overhaul Plan Includes Imminent Action

Data center, cloud, program management, IT acquisition, and budget moves are coming within the next six months as part of Obama administration's IT overhaul.

Where's Government Data In The Cloud?

Amid the Obama administration's 'cloud first' strategy, federal agencies face the prospect of seeing their data go offshore. There's a lesson to be learned from WikiLeaks.

Interior Department To Save $500M Consolidating IT

Staff reductions, data-center consolidation, and cutting back on office space are aspects of a five-year plan to streamline operations.

Qualcomm Will Offer Refunds For FLO TV Devices

The mobile subscription-based TV service will end in March and Qualcomm is reported to be shopping the spectrum used for the service to carriers.

Health CIOs Shrink Meaningful Use Expectations

The percentage who expect to qualify for early stimulus funding has dropped by half since August, finds College of Health Information Management Executives survey.

  Digital Issue  


• Tech Challenges Facing Information Exchanges: Health
information exchanges have the data, but accessing,
sharing, and securing that data remain problematic.

• Pain Points: Dr. Marc Overhage, CEO of the biggest
U.S. health information exchange, discusses the challenges
of large-scale interconnectivity.

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RFI: The New Data Center Network

Eight networking vendors provide detailed information for a network redesign to support server virtualization, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, storage and data convergence, and new Ethernet standards.

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Featured Report

Research: Well-Integrated Web Presence

Get strategies and practices for a cohesive approach to your consumer-facing Web sites, based on analysis of our 2010 Corporate Web Presence Survey. Includes impact assessment and best practices framework.

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10 Best Practices of Agile Tool Users

10 Best Practices of Agile Tool Users
Will your current development tools support Agile? Can you handle agile project management and continuous integration? Learn ten tried-and-true practices that will get you started on your way towards optimal use of an Agile tool stack.
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4 Data Center Trends of the Future

Does efficiency have to come at the expense of availability? Not according to this paper, which outlines the four data center infrastructure trends that are reducing design, operating and management costs while improving data center performance.
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Flock Browses All Your Social Connections
Years before the social networking oriented RockMelt browser there was Flock. Now Flock 3.5 shows that the original social networking browser still has strong features that should interest users looking to integrate social networking into their Web browser.   View Now


Google Chrome OS Promises Computing Without Pain

5 Airport Body Scanner Patents Stripped Down


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Featured Blogger

Is The Storage Industry Consolidated?

By George Crump

There have long been predictions that the storage industry would consolidate down to three or four vendors. A few weeks ago EMC made a bid to buy Isilon and yesterday Dell made a bid to buy Compellent for $876 million dollars. These deals come on the heels of the dramatic HP - Dell bidding war over 3PAR. Is the storage industry consolidated? Not even close.


Best And Worst Smartphones Of 2010

By Ed Hansberry

Now the year is about over, it is worth taking a look back over the year at the smartphones that were released this year. If you are about ready to make a purchase, you can use this to see what is worth looking at or what is worth running from when the sales rep pulls one out to show you.

Windows Phone 7 Moves Forward

By Ed Hansberry

Microsoft's new mobile platform is due a big update in early 2011 and developers already have an early copy of the software. Copy and paste is the biggest anticipated feature of the update.

IE9 Gets Built-In Ad Blocking

By Dave Methvin

This week, the Internet Explorer team announced that IE9 will have a much-expanded capability to block specific web sites that may compromise privacy. Although this feature has many possible uses, the most likely application will be to block online advertisements.

Who's Green in IT? Greenpeace Has A List

By Lamont Wood

Greenpeace has come out with its fourth biennial "Leaderboard" ranking 17 different IT firms according to their emissions reductions efforts. Cisco led, while Oracle trailed.

Zbytes And Tablets And BI, Oh My!

By Michele Pepe-Warren

So, what exactly lies ahead in the new year for small and midsize businesses? One firm predicts that mobility, integration, and collaboration will be key.


Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

Since 2005, over 510,000,000 potentially sensitive records have been lost, stolen or mishandled. A slew of regulations now require breach notification, meaning enterprises must practice strong data protection. What role does encryption play in protecting data, and how is hardware-based encrypting different from alternatives? This session will review key concepts of encryption, industry standards from the Trusted Computing Group for hardware-based encryption, and deploying such drives in the enterprise.
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This Issue Sponsored by IBM

Lotusphere 2011
Register now for Lotusphere 2011 and learn how
to connect the dots, take your collaborative environment
to the next level, and enter the era of Social Business.


Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

For the 14th consecutive year, InformationWeek Analytics is conducting its U.S. IT Salary Survey. To date, over 180,000 IT professionals have participated.

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