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Firefox Flawed; Facebook Flagged

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TOP STORY: Firefox Flaw Facilitates Deception

MORE NEWS: Facebook 'Dislike Button' Flagged As Scam

ANALYTIC REPORT: WAN Optimization: Adoption Holds Steady

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices for Effective Business Case Development

SLIDESHOW: Top 15 Google Apps For Business

VIDEO: Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

BLOG: Windows Phone 7 Puts On Its Game Face

WEBCAST: A Brief History of Malware

RESOURCES: Take Our Survey On Social Networking In The Enterprise: Win An iPod Touch!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Our way of life has been influenced by the way technology has developed. In future, it seems to me, we ought to try to reverse this and so develop our technology that it meets the needs of the sort of life we wish to lead." -- Prince Philip, Men, Machines and Sacred Cows, 1984



Firefox Flaw Facilitates Deception

Security companies see risk in a browser bug, but Mozilla's director of Firefox says users are safe.


Mozilla Raises Security Bug Payout

IBM Makes Firefox Default Browser

Firefox 4 Previewed


Facebook 'Dislike Button' Flagged As Scam

A 'Dislike' button spreading on Facebook is a rogue app designed to capture personal information and collect survey revenue.

A 7-Step Plan For HP To Succeed in Mobile

In a baffling move, HP spent $1.2 billion on Palm, the twice-revived also-ran in the race for mobile supremacy. The company must now execute flawlessly and with old-school HP innovation to succeed. Here's what it must do.

Vimeo Announces Flash, HTML 5 Hybrid Video Player

The mobile player detects a smartphone's browser capabilities during download and uses the information to determine the appropriate version of the player.

IBM Bolsters Power7 Server Lineup

New midrange servers can run any of the more than 1,500 business applications available for AIX, Linux, or IBM i operating systems.

Cybersecurity Tensions Between Public, Private Sector

Neither side is meeting the other's expectations for sharing information, according to a GAO report.

Barnes & Noble Updates Nook iPhone, iPad App

The former eReader app has been rebranded with the same name as the bookseller's electronic reader device and includes in-app content rating and personalization options.

Malware Spewing Widget Hacks 500,000 Websites

Security expert estimates that up to 5 million domains parked by Network Solutions are actively serving threats.

Spyware Hidden In Android Snake Tap Game

Free app is paired with GPS Spy, software that monitors a targeted device's location.

50 Windows Phone 7 Games Revealed

Castlevania and Frogger are among the classic titles headed to Microsoft's forthcoming smartphone platform.

HP Awarded $200 Million Medicare Contract

Provision of applications support and maintenance for processing Medicare Part B claims will expand Hewlett-Packard's longstanding relationship with the federal health insurance program.

  Digital Issue  


Call it one of the smartest bets in IT: Virtual desktop infrastructure technology can help most companies do business more securely and efficiently. Sure there are exceptions, but you need to at least evaluate the benefits of VDI.

So why are some CIOs hesitating?

Get all the facts on VDI -- only in our August 16 Digital Supplement.

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WAN Optimization: Adoption Holds Steady

Converged services, distributed workforces, and private clouds and data center consolidation are stressing many WANs. Are optimization appliances -- physical and virtual -- the answer? Nearly 600 business technology professionals weigh in.

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Featured Report

Cloud Implementer's Checklist

As federal agencies move forward with their cloud computing strategies, there are many steps to manage. This report, the last in a four-part series on government clouds, guides government IT pros through the early stages of implementation.

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Featured Report


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Best Practices for Effective Business Case Development

If you don't have the time and resources to develop a rigorous business plan to predict ROI and justify key IT initiatives, you aren't alone. Find out how to create a usable methodology for accurately assessing the value of IT investments and, ultimately, get more critical IT projects off the ground in less time.
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Cloud Integration Strategy

In order to evolve SaaS usage from meeting purpose-built point requirements to integration into mission-critical business processes, companies will need scalable, cost-effective connection strategies. Explore best-of-breed integration approaches.
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Top 15 Google Apps For Business

The Google Apps Marketplace is a gold mine for businesses offering dozens, if not hundreds, of generally inexpensive, cloud-based software solutions for everything from project planning to invoicing. Here are 15 of the best.   View Now


Slideshow: Network-Attached Storage

Computer History Museum Tour


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Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

Launchpad 2010 - Finalist Presentation by MindQuilt   Watch


Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Baydin Inc.

Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Doodle




Featured Blogger

Windows Phone 7 Puts On Its Game Face

By Ed Hansberry

Windows Phone 7 will be coming from way behind the iPhone and Android platforms when it launches and Microsoft is doing all it can to boost its acceptance. Right now it seems Windows Phone 7 will be second to none when it comes to the gaming experience, which is tied heavily to XBox Live. Today Microsoft shed some light on their mobile gaming plans.


Anti-Virus Suite Protection? Not Much

By George Hulme

It's no secret that anti-virus software doesn't do much to protect you against new and rapidly moving viruses, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that these suites don't do much good defending you against exploit code, either. A fresh evaluation from NSS Labs reveals just how vulnerable you really are.

IBM Takes $200M From HP And Oracle Customers

By Bob Evans

Continuing to push its four-year-old "Migration Factory" campaign, IBM said it gained nearly 4 points of Unix market share in Q2 by convincing 239 enterprise customers to replace Unix solutions from Hewlett-Packard or Oracle with those from IBM. At an average of less than $1 million per migration, those quarterly wins might not be megadeals -- but IBM says its Migration Factory now has 2,600 such conversions.

SherpaTools Simplifies Administering Google Apps

By Daniel Dern

As companies migrate online from SharePoint, Lotus Notes, or legacy environments to Google Apps, many find they don't have the directory or other administrative tools.

SMB Business Challenges: Survival of the Fittest

By Steve Kovsky

The economic downturn has taken its toll on companies of all sizes, but there is no question that the nation's smaller businesses have been the hardest hit.


A Brief History of Malware

In this special presentation Dr. Thomas Chimento, Director of Product Management for Webroot's Web Security Service will discuss the current and future trends in malware development from an evolutionary perspective, with specific emphasis on the directions that malware is likely to take over the next few years.

It happens Tuesday, August 24, 2010 -- Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

More Information & Registration

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Where do commercial cloud services fit into agency IT planning? Which cloud models, and which types of cloud applications, are of greatest interest? Join your federal government peers at this executive roundtable to explore both the opportunities and challenges that public clouds present to government agencies.

It happens in Washington DC: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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