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Fidelis Adds Quick Start Program

BETHESDA, Md. -- Fidelis Security Systems, the authority on extrusion prevention, today announced the availability of the Fidelis Quick Start Program, enabling organizations to get visibility into what critical information is leaving their networks and to actually start getting control over the vulnerabilities that cause data leakage. The Fidelis Quick Start Program offers a rapid-response deployment of the industry’s most comprehensive prevention solution, putting data protection in place with only five days’ effort over a two-week period.

The Fidelis Quick Start Program contains all of the key elements to get up and running rapidly: the deployment of the Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System®, Fidelis XPS™, including engineering consulting; installation of a Fidelis XPS sensor appliance and CommandPost™ management console; configuration and training; and a detailed FidelisProtect™ initial assessment report.

“For the first time, an organization has the power to quickly and easily stop data leakage extrusions with the comprehensive components available in the Fidelis Quick Start Program,” said Timothy Sullivan, CEO of Fidelis Security Systems. “The core technology behind the Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System—its ease of use, granularity of control, and flexibility to work seamlessly in an existing environment—allows for the near-instant results delivered by the Fidelis Quick Start Program.”

Fidelis Security Systems Inc.