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FBI Warns Of Ransomware | Samsung's New Tablet, Unveiled

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  Wednesday, August 15, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Details For U.S. Launch
By Eric Zeman
Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet goes on sale Thursday. The company hopes the revised tablet's S Pen will prove mightier than the swipe.

10 Tablets That Will Shake Up 2012
Android 4.0 Hits More Tablets, Smartphones

Reveton Malware Freezes PCs, Demands Payment
FBI warns of Reveton 'ransomware' scam that freezes Windows PCs, accuses you of a crime, and requests you pay fines to unlock computer.

Samsung Designer Defends Copycat Icons In Apple Case
Samsung designer says she picked phone, clock, and camera icons because they worked, not because they looked like Apple's iPhone icons.

Microsoft Halts New Windows Phone Apps
Microsoft won't publish new apps in its Marketplace until glitch with security certificates is resolved.

CEO Vs. CIO: Big Data Security Battle
Many execs don't see eye-to-eye on new cloud computing environments now, but who has the advantage in the long term?

Beyond YouTube: Turning Video Viewers Into Customers
Two SMBs dissatisfied with a lack of tangible return from their online video audiences went looking for an alternative to YouTube. Here's what they found.

RIM Shops First BlackBerry 10s To Carriers
RIM CEO Thorsten Heins is on a five-week mission: Convince U.S. wireless network operators they need to sell RIM's new BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men - that is genius." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Beyond YouTube: Turning Video Viewers Into Customers
RIM Shops First BlackBerry 10s To Carriers
Federal IT Priorities: Focus On the Foundation
4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy
Samsung Designer Defends Copycat Icons In Apple Case
Productivity In The Cloud
InformationWeek 2012 State of Server Technology Survey

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Posted By sbauer474:
"If Samsung didn't copy the iPhone, then where are all the internal documents showing other phones they analyzed? Because there are none."
In reply to: "Samsung Designer Defends Copycat Icons In Apple Case"
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Posted By 366pi:
"Adoption is yet-another-vanity-metrics to showcase the ROI on technology investment done by company management; however, the roots for success is "Qualitative Sharing" than Quantity."
In reply to: "What's Your Unadoption Strategy For Enterprise 2.0?"
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Federal IT Priorities: Focus On the Foundation
Cybersecurity, continuity planning and data records management top the list in our 2012 Federal IT Priorities Survey. With much to do, government IT pros are guided by agency-specific goals.
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Featured Report
Research: Cloud Security: Verify, Don't Trust
40% of respondents to our 2012 Cloud Security using, planning to use or considering using public cloud services don't have a security assessment process in place. That needs to change. Here's how.
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Featured Report


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4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy
Companies now have a window of opportunity to think about how mobile can empower their business as radically as the web did. By making mobile a part of their overall IT strategy, find out how companies can transform their relationships with their customers, employees and partners in even greater ways than they did with the web.
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Achieving Business Agility with Decision Management
To achieve better everyday business results, organizations are turning to business rule management, or a combination of business rules and business events processing. Find out how companies are improving the timing and quality of the operational decisions that are driving key business processes and applications, such as claims processing, member enrollment, campaign management, and more.
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Samsung Designer Defends Copycat Icons In Apple Case
Samsung designer says she picked phone, clock, and camera icons because they worked, not because they looked like Apple's iPhone icons.

Windows 8 RT Tablet Makers Revealed
Roster of hardware makers building systems around mobile-friendly version of Windows 8 includes the usual suspects--with some notable exceptions.

Windows 8, RT Hardware Will Run For Weeks
Windows RT tablets are on the way from Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Asus, according to Microsoft, as well as Microsoft's own Surface RT. But the really big news? RT and Windows 8 devices will be always on--no more boot up, shutdown, or suspend. In the meantime, beware imitations that claim to be always connected but aren't.

11 Security Sights Seen Only At Black Hat
Who says fun, sun, malware, and penetration testing don't mix? This year's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas offered information security training, hardware hacking, pool time, and more.

Samsung Prospects Dim Vs. Apple: What Next, Android Designers?
"The handwriting is on the wall" that Samsung will probably lose the Apple patent infringement suit, design patent expert Christopher Carani says.


How To Create An OS X Mountain Lion Install USB Drive
Here's how to use a free utility, Lion Disk Maker, to create a boot drive for clean installations or emergency use on your Lion- or Mountain Lion-compatible Mac. Create a bootable USB thumb drive like we did, or a bootable DVD.   View Now

NASA Curiosity Visual Tour: Mars, Revealed
8 Accountable Care Organizations Worth Closer Look


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Jelly Bean Demo On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus
BYTE reviewed Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We found that it operated faster and smoother than the previous operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.   Watch

First Look At Windows 8, Microsoft's Office 2013
The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World, Part 3



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