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FBI CIO Unveils Next-Gen IT Strategy

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TOP STORY: FBI CIO Unveils Next-Gen IT Strategy

MORE NEWS: Global CIO: SAP's Top 10 Priorities To Become Undisputed #1

ANALYTIC REPORT: The Expanding Profile of Data Deduplication

WHITEPAPER: iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Mobile: The Winner Is...

BLOG: Coworkers Notice When You Send Texts During Meeting

WEBCAST: The Business Case For Government Clouds

RESOURCES: Take Our Strategic CIO Survey -- You Could Win An iPod Touch

InformationWeek Daily

 Tuesday, May 18, 2010 


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-- Walt Disney 


FBI CIO Unveils Next-Gen IT Strategy

Despite a setback to its Sentinel case-management system, the agency is deploying a high-speed network, new Office-based PCs, and other infrastructure improvements.


FBI Names Cyber Division Chief

Image Gallery: Who's Who In U.S. Intelligence

FBI Goes Undercover On Social Networks


Global CIO: SAP's Top 10 Priorities To Become Undisputed #1

Welcome to SAP Week, our in-depth look at the company's strategy, products, and customers. Today: 10 steps SAP must take to reclaim its global leadership.

White House Reprimands Deputy CTO

Counter to policy, former Google exec Andrew McLaughlin used Gmail to send work-related e-mail.

Apple, RIM Gain Market Share

Motorola saw a 29% decline in shipments, but a significant boost in profits due to its shift in focus to high-margin smartphones.

Healthcare Fraud Losses Narrowing

Attorney General Eric Holder says stiffer penalties and improved data systems are helping the federal government crack down on healthcare fraud cases.

Cell Phone, Cancer Study Inconclusive

Researchers said more research is needed to determine whether cell phone use causes brain cancer.

HTC Announces Android Wildfire Smartphone

The Wildfire runs on Android 2.1 and targets price-sensitive social media users.

Palm App Store Suffers Weekend Outage

PreCentral users reported problems downloading and updating apps from the Palm App Catalog.

Facebook Fight Calls For Flight

Citing privacy concerns, at least two groups are calling for organized protests. One is urging members to quit the social networking site.

  InformationWeek BoardRoom Journal -- May 17, 2010    


Our newest digital supplement is devoted to giving business technology executives high-level insights on the latest IT architectures, models, and strategies.

In this issue:
Time to explain your plan for the biggest tech trend since the Internet to the top brass. What could possibly go wrong? Here's the right message.

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The Expanding Profile of Data Deduplication

There are multiple technologies on the table that vendors say will help us get a handle on our storage, from both a security/compliance angle as well as a growth perspective. In this report, we'll touch on many of these and help sort out whether deduplication in particular makes sense in your environment.

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Featured Report

5 Steps To Get -- And Stay -- FISMA Compliant And Secure

Implementing a program that is effective in actually securing assets and will continually address compliance is difficult. Guidelines such as the NIST 800 series, the Center for Internet Security Standards or even DISA's Security Technical Implementation Guides are confusing, and furthermore, much of the underlying data to be protected changes so quickly that yearly reviews of controls are woefully ineffective. Here's a better plan.

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Featured Report


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iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Mobile: The Winner Is...

This whitepaper will compare the attributes of three Mobile Operating Systems: the BlackBerry OS, the iPhone, and the Windows Mobile OS - so you can choose the best enterprise class OS for your organization.
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Benchmarking Application Performance in a Virtual Environment

The popular view is that technical computing and virtualization do not mix. Download this whitepaper to get the real story.
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Featured BloggerCoworkers Notice When You Send Texts During Meeting

By Eric Zeman

Colleagues -- and managers if they are in the room -- definitely notice when meeting attendees break out their smartphone to check/send messages. Guess what? They think it's rude. Don't do it.


Mobile Round-Up: Palm, RIM, Samsung, HTC

By Eric Zeman

The Palm Pre Plus is now available via AT&T, and Verizon Wireless has dropped the price of the Pixi to $0.00. A new BlackBerry was sighted over the weekend. Samsung has some plans for the enterprise. And HTC dropped yet another Android handset.

Microsoft Takes Supercomputing To The Cloud

By Alexander Wolfe

Buried beneath the bland verbiage announcing Microsoft's Technical Computing Initiative on Monday is some really exciting stuff. As Bill Hilf, Redmond's general manager of technical computing, explained it to me, Microsoft is bringing burst- and cluster-computing capability to its Windows Azure platform. The upshot is that anyone will be able to access HPC in the cloud.

E-Health Laggards Need To Start Moving Now

By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Healthcare providers starting from scratch with projects to implement e-health record systems in hopes of cashing in on the government's $20 billion-plus meaningful use incentive programs had better get going.

Prediction: Apple To Sell 24M Next-Gen iPhones

By Eric Zeman

According to DigiTimes Research out of Taiwan, iPhone-maker Foxconn is prepared to ship 24 million next-generation iPhones by the end of the year. The company expects to ship 4.5 million by June 30. Crazy, or calculated?


The Business Case For Government Clouds

In this Webcast, we'll assess the variables that factor into the decision of whether, and how, to implement a cloud computing environment in federal data centers. Issues to be evaluated include the software, hardware, and other related costs; how shared-services efficiencies translate into savings; and the potential for recouping expenses through chargebacks. We also explore usage scenarios where the business case for private clouds is strongest.

It happens Wednesday, May 19.

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Take Our Strategic CIO Survey -- You Could Win An iPod Touch

Is global IT strategy changing to address a return to economic growth? InformationWeek Analytics is surveying IT executives on global IT strategies. The results of the survey will appear in an upcoming issue of InformationWeek as well as an in-depth InformationWeek Analytics report.

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Image Gallery: Microsoft Office 2010 In Pictures

Web app versions of Office apps, PowerPoint Broadcast, and enhancements to Outlook's message management are highlights.

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