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Facebook Opens Up Social Tools To Broader Web

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TOP STORY: Facebook Opens Up Social Tools To Broader Web

MORE NEWS: Microsoft Launches SQL Server R2

ANALYTIC REPORT: Strategy: State Data Protection Laws

WHITEPAPER: Plotting the Future of Client Virtualization

BLOG: Cyberwar Threat At Code Red, Clarke Warns

WEBCAST: Enterprise 2.0: Transforming Your Business With Enterprise Social Networks

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InformationWeek Daily

 Thursday, April 22, 2010 



Outsourcing: Why Aren't We Better At This?

InformationWeek's Green Issue
With cloud computing, outsourcing management is more important than ever, yet many IT shops still aren't doing it well. Get insight from our 2010 outsourcing survey -- only in our April 20 digital issue!

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Facebook Opens Up Social Tools To Broader Web

At its developer conference, the soc-net powerhouse let loose plug-ins which will extend its platform throughout the Web and potentially strengthen its hand versus Google.


Facebook Drops Facebook Lite Extols 'Facebook Imperative' For Enterprise

FBI Goes Undercover On Social Networks


Microsoft Launches SQL Server R2

Fast, in-memory analysis and centralized management are highlights, but will it make BI more accessible to business users?

White House Updates Cybersecurity Orders

The three-pronged approach should help federal agencies do away with wasteful compliance spending and encourage improved security, say White House officials.

Bill Extends HITECH To Mental Health

Eligibility for $20 billion in incentives would be expanded to include mental healthcare professionals and facilities, a group left out of original ARRA provisions.

Google Buys Former Apple Employee Startup

Agnilux was founded by people involved in making the application processor used to power the iPad. Terms were not disclosed.

Energy Department Testing Cloud E-Mail

The agency is looking for guidance to its Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, which is already moving its entire e-mail environment to Gmail.

VCs Lukewarm To Health IT

The HIT sector has pulled in 20% less in venture capital funding year-over-year.

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth."
-- John F. Kennedy 

World Bank Posts 2000 Data Sets Online

Global information on health, business, finance, and other topics are now available to the public as part of Open Government Initiative.

Global CIO: Microsoft BI Wins Raves From Giant Shipping Company

The world's second-largest container shipper is using PowerPivot for Excel to manage massive demand for data and overcome a "nightmare."


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Strategy: State Data Protection Laws

The new Massachusetts data security law underscores the increasingly aggressive role states are taking in protecting consumer information and raises the stakes in terms of enforcement -- and potential penalties in the event of a data breach. Other statutes are on the books, and on the horizon. Are you ready to comply?

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Featured Report

Cloud Contracts and SLAs

Cloud computing is approximately where the Internet was more than a decade ago: full of both promise and hype, and constantly changing. As companies evaluate cloud services, CIOs must help them reach business objectives and save money, while also serving in a stewardship role.

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Featured Report


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Plotting the Future of Client Virtualization

Client virtualization could be the latest trend in IT delivering centralized control, greater flexibility and potentially reducing TCO . But because client virtualization comes in many flavors, it can be difficult to choose the right pathfor your organization. This white paper discusses the various types of client virtualization technologies, including virtual containers and OS/application streaming, and their benefits.
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Sorting Out App Mobilization Challenges

This whitepaper reveals a number of guiding principles that will help you manage your app mobilization strategy as well as the plethora of multiple smartphones in the enterprise.
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Featured BloggerCyberwar Threat At Code Red, Clarke Warns

By Alexander Wolfe

Former counter-terrorism advisor Richard Clarke has a new book out, and it's scary stuff for all of us concerned about the national security of the United States. Scarier still, the alarms sounded by the book aren't news to anyone who has even a minimal clue about the state of cybersecurity.


BlackBerry 9670 Flip Phone Spied

By Eric Zeman

Research In Motion's first foray into the clamshell phone market didn't exactly impress. The Pearl Flip, as it was branded, was never a hot seller. It's curious that RIM would try again. Based on the spy images of the 9670, its second attempt at a flip phone is a step in the right direction when it comes to function, but two steps backward when it comes to form.

Justifying An Early Storage Refresh

By George Crump

Our last entry covered ways to increase storage utilization. There are three options; live with under-utilization (easy but costly), refresh your current storage (easy but potentially expensive) or making what you have more efficient (potentially time consuming but potentially inexpensive). Most data centers have a schedule to refresh their current storage systems at some point in the future. In this entry we will look at ways to make that move sooner than normal.

Adobe: No More iPhone For Us

By Eric Zeman

Adobe appears to be throwing in the towel when it comes to developer tools for the iPhone. It will no longer invest in Adobe Flash CS5 for iPhone, and instead will focus all its mobile efforts on the Android platform.

Microsoft Apologetics On Why Copy/Paste Unnecessary

By Ed Hansberry

As anyone knows that has been following the impending release of Windows Phone 7 knows, the OS will not support copy and paste operations. Rather than just say that copy and paste is something Microsoft wants to do, they have begun a campaign to try and convince you that copy and paste is unnecessary.


Enterprise 2.0: Transforming Your Business With Enterprise Social Networks

Join a panel of industry experts and learn how companies are using enterprise social networks to engage employees, drive innovation, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiencies.

It happens April 28.

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Attend The Enterprise 2.0 Conference

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is the largest gathering for people ready to connect teams, and harness collective intelligence with social tools and 2.0 technologies. Enterprise 2.0 includes visionary keynotes, informative sessions, case studies, and an Expo Pavilion featuring the latest technologies.

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It happens in Boston, June 14 - 17

Image Gallery: NASA's Nebula Cloud Container

The space agency's cloud computing initiative, which started as a research project, has become a cornerstone of the federal government's cloud strategy.

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InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey on data sharing practices in the enterprise. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32-GB iPod Touch valued at $299 from TechWeb.

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