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Exclusive: iPhone Woes Revealed In FCC, FTC Consumer Complaints

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TOP STORY: Exclusive: iPhone Woes Revealed In FCC, FTC Consumer Complaints

MORE NEWS: Gov 2.0: NASA Readies Mission-Oriented Cloud Computing

ANALYTIC REPORT: Ready To Outsmart PCI? New Techs Help IT Comply

WHITEPAPER: 2010 Data Center Challenges and Technologies

BLOG: Will Android Overtake iPhone In Enterprise?

WEBCAST: Cloud Platform Strategy

RESOURCES: Image Gallery: Top 12 Firefox Add-Ons

InformationWeek Daily
 Friday, May 28, 2010 


"The factory of the future will have two employees: a man and a dog. The man's job will be to feed the dog. The dog's job will be to prevent the man from touching any of the automated equipment."
-- Warren G. Bennis 


Exclusive: iPhone Woes Revealed In FCC, FTC Consumer Complaints

Freedom of Information Act documents obtained by InformationWeek show that the Federal Communications Commission has received 72 complaints about Apple's iPhone since 2009, mostly involving AT&T. There are 450 Federal Trade Commission complaints.


Gov 2.0: Cloud Success Hinges On Collaboration

Ariba Launches Cloud Trading Platform

Global CIO: Oracle's Larry Ellison Embraces Cloud Computing's 'Idiocy'

Symantec Enhances SMB Security Suite


Gov 2.0: NASA Readies Mission-Oriented Cloud Computing

The space agency's Nebula cloud computing environment will be used to provide on-demand computing and storage to NASA scientists and engineers.

Sony Unveils Rollable Digital Display

The organic light-emitting diode color display is flexible enough to wrap around a pencil without distorting a moving image.

Gov 2.0: Washington D.C. To Launch Private Cloud

The city knows as a government tech innovator is also launching a startup incubator and pushing community involvement in app development.

Zigbee Alliance Certifies 13 Mobile Products

Most of the first wave of products receiving telecom interoperability certification are location services.

Microsoft Piles On Dynamics Apps Upgrades

Free new features include a financial reporting module, CRM integrations and an SAP connector.

Firefox Home Headed To iPhone

Mozilla may not be able to get Firefox approved for the iPhone but perhaps it will be able to win acceptance for its personalization and synchronization technology.

Symantec Norton Everywhere Aims Beyond PCs

Software aims to secure smartphones, handheld, and consumer devices with Internet connectivity.

FAA Awards $4.4 Billion For Air Traffic System

Boeing, General Dynamics, and ITT received Federal Aviation Administration contracts for the NextGen overhaul of air traffic control in the U.S.

iPad Not In Hollywood's Plans

Major studios say they won't reformat their content for display on Apple's hot new tablet.

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Ready To Outsmart PCI? New Techs Help IT Comply

The PCI Data Security Standard is costly, complex, and rigged against the retailers, merchants, and processors that must comply with it. But those very attributes may be the most potent catalyst to bring about meaningful protection of credit card data -- not because of the PCI requirements themselves, but because PCI will drive merchants toward end-to-end encryption and tokenization.

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The iPad In The Enterprise

Our editors take Apple's new platform through its paces, in the office and on the road. Here are their (differing) assessments of what works well and what doesn't.

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2010 Data Center Challenges and Technologies

CIOs are stuck in a squeeze play. Learn about key data center challenges and new technologies and processes that can automate the infrastructure.

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Oracle Unveils Revolutionary Database Performance Technology

Discover how major technology advances make it possible to sustain maximum database performance, improve IT agility with comprehensive change management and lower IT costs through database self-management and automation.
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Featured Blogger

Will Android Overtake iPhone In Enterprise?

By Bob Evans

With all the chatter about Apple surpassing Microsoft in market-cap, a related detail might deserve more attention: Q1 sales of Android smartphones topped sales of iPhones by 25%, according to a consumer research firm. With consumer engagement driving enterprise adoption, can we expect to see the Google mobile OS starting to crimp the iPhone's style in the business world?


Palm webOS Vet Defects To Google's Android Team

By Eric Zeman

Google was able to woo Palm's chief webOS user interface architect away and place him in charge of Android's user experience team. That's bad news for HP. Is it good news for Android?

Steve Ballmer: Planetary King Of Info Tech Profit

By Bob Evans

I like Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's dismissal in the Wall Street Journal of all the frothy media churn over Apple surpassing Microsoft in market cap: "I will make more profits and certainly there is no technology company in the planet which is as profitable as we are." Next question, please?

Tiered Pricing Confirmed For Verizon's LTE Network

By Eric Zeman

The "unlimited" party is officially over. Verizon Wireless has confirmed that it won't be offering unlimited data plans for its upcoming Long Term Evolution services. Instead, customers will pay for buckets of data by the megabyte. The good news? LTE devices will be intro'd at CES in January 2011.

The Tech Industry's Dirty Secret

By Ed Hansberry

While the US has a tremendous amount of intellectual capital housed in companies like Dell, Apple, Microsoft and Cisco, few of their hardware products are made here. The vast majority are made in Asia, usually China or Taiwan. Work conditions aren't close to what many in the west are used to and right now, a rash of suicides are plaguing the Foxconn plant where Apples iPhone, iPod and iPad are made.

Cloud Platform Strategy

In this editorial Webcast, we'll analyze the key IT infrastructure considerations that must be taken into account for creating private clouds in federal data centers: software/hardware environment, multi-tenancy, security, virtualization, and management tools. We'll also discuss the key role that APIs play in supporting hybrid scenarios that tap into public cloud services.
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Image Gallery: Top 12 Firefox Add-Ons

There are thousands of Firefox add-ons. Did we test them all? Nope! But, these 12 are the ones you need to make the most of your Web browsing.


Virtual Event: Merging Mobility And UC In The Enterprise

Microsoft has made the Ribbon a standard feature across all Office applications in its latest release, and it has made the Ribbon customizable. It also has made many of the Office 2010 features more visible in the Ribbon, and added some new features.


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