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Entrust Protects Universities

DALLAS -- In order to help protect records from 60,000 students and faculty so that those records can only be accessed by authorized parties, Goeteborg University plans to implement Entrust IdentityGuard from Entrust, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTU) represented by the Entrust Nordic distributor Pointsec. Entrust IdentityGuard is a cost effective and user friendly solution that provides a range of authentication options supported from a single platform.

"We wanted an authentication solution that would provide strong security but also be easy to use for our students and faculty and also be economical to manage," said Sven-Elof Kristenson, IT manager at Goeteborg University.
"Because we can combine the Entrust IdentityGuard grid authentication capability with the identity cards we already issue to our students and faculty at the beginning of the school term, it fit seamlessly into our existing system and will give us the ability to make even more services available online for everyone."

The university chose the Entrust IdentityGuard because it offered unprecedented flexibility. Because the Entrust IdentityGuard grid authentication capability can be used to access records administration, file storage, reports, e-mail and calendar functions, it was a natural choice for stronger authentication. Ease of integration and usability also were factors that led to the decision to implement Entrust IdentityGuard.

"Universities have the unique challenge of wanting to be an open forum for the educational process to flourish, but they also are charged to keep some of the most sensitive information on students," said Entrust Senior Vice President Kevin Simzer. "Goeteborg University recognized they could offer stronger authentication through adding the Entrust IdentityGuard grid solution to an existing ID card. They definitely get bonus points for thinking ahead and being proactive when it comes to offering more services to their students and faculty online but doing it in a way that is secure."

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