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Entrust to Ensure Exchange Compatibility

DALLAS -- What most consumers don't realize is that the use of public key infrastructure is universal in today's most routine tasks. Online bank transfers. Simple border crossing via e-Passports. Basic Internet transactions. That same technology is the foundation of Entrust Unified Communications Certificates.

In collaboration with key industry leaders, Entrust, Inc. [NASDAQ: ENTU] offers Entrust Unified Communications Certificates, which secure and authenticate communication between mail servers (internally between the Exchange servers, and between Microsoft® Exchange servers and other mail servers). In addition, administrators can enable the new Auto Discover provisioning feature provided by Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007 and Outlook Web Access through Microsoft Exchange Server. Unified Communications refers to an industry trend of bringing multiple communication methods together into a unified management and usage context. The technology serves as a versatile management system that affords users the ability to track and respond to a range of communication options (e.g., e-mail, voicemail, instant message, fax, etc.).

"Protecting all communication, no matter how it is implemented or by whom, is a vital necessity for any security-conscious organization. Entrust Unified Communications Certificates provide useful flexibility and interoperability for protection of Unified Communications deployments," said Entrust Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Conner.

The ability to leverage public key infrastructure to solve a variety of business challenges is one of the latest trends in digital security. This new strategy, coined "PKI 2.0," can help organizations answer specific security obstacles with a trusted technology that is used across the world - even in the most common, everyday implementations.

"The development of Unified Communications Certificates is a prime example of evolving public key infrastructure technology to easily and transparently address the business challenges of today, and the future of online communication," said Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research. "Having the capability to access and manage multiple channels of communication safely and confidently will serve as a useful resource in consumer and enterprise implementations."

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