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Enterprise Mail/Collaboration Requirements

Hi folks,

Complements of our own Greg Shipley, Ron Anderson, and Lori MacVittie, I've compiled a short list of requirements and products our editors have considered for their own lab and production networks.

To find favor with our editors, an enterprise collaboration tool must:

  • It must have a robust group calendar/scheduling solution
  • It must allow some users to use other e-mail systems
  • It must have the option of supporting web clients for calendaring,
    as not all of our staff runs Win32, and we have no plans on migrating
    non-Win32 users.
  • It must have a usable interface
  • It should not require MS IIS, as we've had enough security problems with
    IIS already.
  • It should have PDA sync abilities
  • It must be a product that wasn't coded poorly (back to the security
    problem). We'd prefer something that not only has security features,
    but something that was DESIGNED to be secure.
  • It should be cost-effective for small organizations
  • Not requiring Win32 as a hosting platform would be nice (Linux would be
  • It must not suck.

And here are some of the products our editors are considering or using

We'd like to hear from you. Given the above requirements, which messaging/collaboration solution would you recommend?