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Embotics Intros VM Policy Management Tool

SAN FRANCISCO -- Embotics, the Virtual Machine (VM) Lifecycle Management™ Company, today launched V-Commander, a centralized, policy-based control and management system for enterprise VMs. Embotics’ V-Commander manages large pools of VMs to control VM sprawl and automate VM management tasks, providing real operational benefits and oversight.

VM environments become more complex as enterprises expand their VM deployments. Current virtualization tools can easily generate VMs but lack effective operational and management features. V-Commander is a policy-based control system that supports multiple VMware Virtual Centers simultaneously, providing effective VM Lifecycle Management that can integrate and automate ITIL and business delivery practices.

“Organizations are deploying server virtualization solutions in an effort to reduce IT spending and improve server resource utilization, but are finding that virtual machines cannot be effectively managed with traditional tools,” said Mark Bowker, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The rapid adoption of server virtualization across all industries is quickly creating the requirement for a management solution that directly tackles the growing problem of virtual machine sprawl. Embotics improves operational efficiency, reduces the risk of ’unapproved‘ virtual machines being deployed in a production environment and logs all actions for a complete audit trail.”

Embotics Corp.