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DigitalPersona Announces Vista Support

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- DigitalPersona, Inc., a leading provider of biometric authentication solutions for enterprise networks and commercial applications, today announced it has added Microsoft Vista support for its industry leading DigitalPersona® Gold and Platinum Software Development Kits (SDKs). Vista support for the Gold and Platinum SDKs allows developer customers to add the security and convenience of fingerprint biometrics to their Microsoft Windows Vista applications.

“With the new support for Vista, DigitalPersona is continuing its mission to advance the innovation and adoption of fingerprint authentication in application development,” said Chip Mesec, senior product marketing manager for DigitalPersona. “We want to make sure we provide our developers with the leading biometric tools they need to create commercial applications that deliver the security and convenience of fingerprint authentication across the full range of Windows environments.”

DigitalPersona has also announced support for its new U.are.U® Fingerprint Keyboard with the Gold and Platinum SDKs which enable developers to create applications that can operate in desktop environments that require both a keyboard and fingerprint reader in one solution.

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