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DHS Plots Cloud Computing Strategy

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TOP STORY: DHS Plots Cloud Computing Strategy

MORE NEWS: MySQL Campaign Heats Up

ANALYTIC REPORT: Encryption Still Eludes Enterprises

WHITEPAPER: Windows 7 + Windows Server 2008 R2 = An Optimized Desktop

BLOG: Oracle Says Market's Recovering But SAP's Unraveling

WEBCAST: Clustering Database Applications To Lower Costs

RESOURCES: State of the Data Center Survey

InformationWeek Daily

 Monday, December 21, 2009 


'"One man's toxic waste is another man's potpourri."
-- The Grinch 


DHS Plots Cloud Computing Strategy

A Department Of Homeland Security private cloud is expected to serve up SharePoint and enterprise e-mail before the end of fiscal 2010.


NASA Launches Portable Cloud Effort

Government Technologist: States As Cloud Service Providers


MySQL Campaign Heats Up

The open source database's author urges users to object to deal that would give Oracle ownership of MySQL.

Full Nelson: Many Eyes, Dancing Data

With data taking center stage in every organization, the ability to make sense and take action on that data is vital. Technology like Many Eyes will make that process more inviting.

DHS Plots Its Cloud Computing Strategy

A Department Of Homeland Security private cloud is expected to serve up SharePoint and enterprise e-mail before the end of fiscal 2010.

Biden Kicks Off Broadband Stimulus

Vice President Joseph Biden announced Thursday the first wave of government stimulus spending on broadband networks.

H1N1 Hotline Spreads Flu Info

Healthcare providers may use the phone and online service to provide H1N1 information while preserving medical resources for truly urgent care.

Oracle's Earnings Up 15% In 2Q

Maintenance revenues were up 14% and the database giant reported earnings of $.29 a share in its second quarter of fiscal 2010.

Rackspace Offers FathomDB As Service

The Rackspace Cloud moved its competition with Amazon up a notch by offering its FathomDB database as a service.

Global CIO: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison On The Future Of IT

Ellison speaks out on Oracle's new Sun-enabled strategy and how that points to where the entire IT industry is headed.

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Encryption Still Eludes Enterprises

Data is a company's most important asset, yet it's also the easiest to
lose. Even though many regulations and compliance frameworks require
encryption for data in motion and at rest, only 14% of respondents to
this InformationWeek survey say that encryption is pervasive. Find out
where sensitive data is going unencrypted and what's holding IT back from
adopting encryption end to end.

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Windows 7 + Windows Server 2008 R2 = An Optimized Desktop

You may be well aware of the benefits of Windows Server 2008 R2 and well-versed in the advantages of Windows 7, but do you know what combining the two will do for your enterprise? Find out.
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HIPAA Security Provisions: Is Your Network Ready for a Physical?

If your company is subject to HIPAA, your IT systems also need a clean bill of health. Know your responsibilities and how to ensure that your network's "vital signs" are in compliance.
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Featured BloggerOracle Says Market's Recovering But SAP's Unraveling

Posted by Bob Evans

Oracle's conference call Thursday with financial analysts offered great insights on how its top three executives view their business and the overall IT market, their customers' spending habits, Oracle's products, and its competitors (see second half of headline). Here are 10 such comments you won't want to miss.


Mobile Round-Up: iPhone On Verizon Edition

Posted by Eric Zeman

Here's a smattering of Verizon Wireless stories that turned up Friday. Chief among them is the possibility that Verizon Wireless plans to offer the least in theory. Other Verizon stories include an intriguing Google goosing, and an official Verizon response to the FCC.

Hail And Farewell, Part One

Posted By Serdar Yegulalp

The only constant thing is change, and change has come my way. As of the end of 2009, I'll be leaving InformationWeek -- so over the next couple of days I thought I'd sum up a few points gleaned during my time here.

Palm: New Version Of webOS On The Way

Posted By Eric Zeman

Based on Palm's recent quarterly earnings, it's safe to say the company hasn't fully turned itself around yet. The Pre and Pixi are selling below expectations from Palm's single carrier partner Sprint. Will a new version of webOS spice up sales?

Google Earth Brings 3D Maps To Audi A8

Posted By Eric Zeman

The last thing drivers need is more distractions in the car, but that hasn't stopped Audi's engineers from adding Google Maps, Google Earth, and satellite imagery to the cockpit of its 2011 flagship A8 sedan.

Beware Of Cloud Transfer Costs

Posted By George Crump

When data center managers are looking at cloud storage solutions the primary focus is on the monthly cloud storage capacity cost. One of the hidden charges is the transfer or bandwidth costs. This is the cost essentially for the amount of data you access over the cloud. We have seen cases where this cost can be as much or more than the cost of the capacity!


Clustering Database Applications To Lower Costs

Join us for a conversation with Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst at Forrester Research, to learn how clustering database applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, SAP, and other applications with Oracle RAC can reduce server and storage costs, and lighten the load for your database administrators. It happens Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.
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State of the Data Center Survey

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