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DESL Boosts Vista Security

SAN FRANCISCO -- Data Encryption Systems Limited, the UK-based leader in software copyright protection, data encryption, secure messaging and data storage solutions, has released a updated version of its popular DESlock+ data encryption software, designed specifically for Windows Vista.

DESlock+ ( ) provides powerful encryption of documents, folders, disks, removable storage media, and computer systems. It can also encrypt email messages prior to transmission, create encrypted compressed archives, and even encrypt the contents of the Windows clipboard (useful for encrypting a block of text before pasting it into an email or another document). DESlock+ uses a system of keys to specify whether a user can exchange encrypted documents with others, who must share a key with the owner in order to decrypt the document.

"Microsoft has stated that a major objective for Vista was to improve the security of its various professional and consumers operating systems. DESlock+ 3.2.6 significantly enhances the security of Windows Vista, while the DESlock+ Vista gadget makes it extremely easy for non-technical users to secure their systems," said David Tomlinson, managing director of DES. "DESlock+ makes perfect sense for all users of Windows Vista users, but is especially appropriate for laptops, which continue to be a major cause of security breaches."

Data Encryption Systems Ltd.