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Dell Dabbles With Chrome OS

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TOP STORY: Dell Dabbles With Chrome OS

MORE NEWS: Navy Finds Lessons In Stolen Laptops, Storage Drives

ANALYTIC REPORT: Welcome To The CIO Revolution: A New IT Manifesto

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BLOG: Microsoft Seeks Patent For Cloud Data Migration

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InformationWeek Daily

 Tuesday, December 1, 2009 


"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken."
-- Warren Buffett 


Dell Dabbles With Chrome OS

Owners of Dell Mini 10v netbooks can now try a version of Google's Chrome OS for themselves.


Google Releases Chrome OS Code
Google's New Chrome OS Partner: Ubuntu
Google Chrome OS Coming. Got A Netbook Strategy?


Navy Finds Lessons In Stolen Laptops, Storage Drives

The theft of computer equipment from a Naval office turned out to be less serious than feared, but served as a reminder on the importance of securing external hard drives and encrypting data.

Many Android Developers Unhappy

Developers are frustrated with low application download volumes, poor marketplace design, and problems with Google Checkout.

Large Hadron Collider Breaks Energy Record

The physics community is excited to see CERN's particle accelerator up and running again.

AT&T, LG Intro 1 GHz Smartphone

The eXpo is the first major U.S. smartphone to feature a 1-GHz processor, an integrated mobile projector, and a fingerprint sensor.

'Black Screen of Death' Linked To Microsoft Patch

A recent Microsoft security fix has been fingered as one of several possible causes of black screen Windows crashes.

Gartner Sees Stabilization In Server Market

Server shipments and revenue increased significantly in the third quarter from the previous quarter.

RIM Updates BlackBerry Server, Media Software

The BlackBerry maker added multiple features to its BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Media Sync software.

Feds Providing $80 Million For Health IT Training

The government funding helps set up 6-month health IT workforce training programs at community colleges nationwide.

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Welcome To The CIO Revolution: A New IT Manifesto

This report looks at a variety of new approaches and technologies designed to help you enhance your companies' competitiveness and engage more intimately with customers.

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State Of Enterprise Storage

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What to do with OLAP

Read this whitepaper to learn about Oracle's 2 OLAP products, Essbase and the OLAP Option to the Oracle Database. While both products fall within the OLAP category and have some similar capabilities, they are different in significant ways. Discover which is right for you.
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Total Control from a Single Console

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Featured BloggerMicrosoft Seeks Patent For Cloud Data Migration

Posted By Alexander Wolfe

On the cusp of launching its Azure cloud computing service, Microsoft is also making a savvy bid to lock up a patent for one of the main worries--vendor lock-in--of cloud users. (The other big concern is security.) The folks from Redmond have filed a patent application for migrating data to a new cloud, which is what you'd have to do when leave your first vendor.


Senate Healthcare Reform Bill's IT Provisions Make Sense

Posted by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

As the Senate begins debating its healthcare reform bill, there's several health IT related provisions that aren't likely to stir a lot of emotion on the Senate floor, but deserve some attention.

Nokia Slows Maemo Investment To Just One Device?

Posted By Eric Zeman

Today, citing people familiar with Nokia's 2010 product roadmap, Reuters is reporting that Nokia will release just one new device in 2010 running its Linux-based Maemo platform. That's a bad idea, Nokia.

Is Wave A 'Concept Car' For Google?

Posted By Mitch Wagner

I'm wondering if Google Wave is like a concept car for Google. We'll never see it in production--but all of its features and capabilities will emerge in other products released by Google and other companies. Google Wave solves some very real business problems. But I think even Google will have trouble getting companies to adopt it.

Famous Password Auditing Tool, L0phtCrack Is Back

Posted By George Hulme

After a couple of years of rest, L0phtCrack, one of the most famous password auditing and recovery tools is back.


Smarter Business

The business world is entering a new wave of transformation, as sophisticated information technologies make industries, processes, and professionals smarter than ever before. Join us as we draw from interviews with leading practitioners in presenting a range of compelling use cases.
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What Are The Most Dangerous Threats Of The Next Ten Years?

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Image Gallery: Bluetooth Headsets For Mobile Pros

We rate Bluetooth headsets from Aliph, BlueAnt, MoGo, Motorola, Plantronics, and Samsung.

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