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Dear Open Source Community

CEO and purported owner of the UNIX Operating System, Darl McBride, posted a friendly missive today on SCO's site, encouraging all followers of Open Source to play nice. Here's a six-point summary:

  • Open Source has its roots in hackers and miscreants, which explains this community's need to act outside of "the rule of law," but please, please stop DoSing our site.
  • Open Software is still woefully immature and has blatantly disregarded fundamental software practices (namely IP rights research).
  • All your base...sorry, a million lines of code in Linux belong to us, and Bruce Perens admitted as much.
  • We're not naming names, but some large corporations (IBM) are selling software (Linux) without a warranty!
  • Most Linux vendors are barely scraping by.
  • Evidently, "It is easier for some in the Open Source community to fire off a 'rant' than to sit across a negotiation table," but my door is always open. Let's work together!