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Zetta Does CDP Doubletake

Another startup is jumping into the data protection game, though Zetta Systems Inc. says it's got a jump on its competitors in at least one area (see Zetta Releases ZettaServer IR).

Zetta launched the ZettaServer IR for real-time data protection and instant recovery today, comprising software for off-the-shelf hardware that protects email and database applications. Like other advanced CDP products, Zettas software combines frequent snapshots with the ability to roll back to any point in time if data is corrupted. That provides rapid restoral of the last good version of data in the event of an outage.

Unlike other CDP products, Zetta supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI arrays in the same system. This feature, which is likely to be of more use as iSCSI becomes prevalent in enterprise shops, lets customers restore data from an IP SAN to a Fibre Channel SAN, and vice versa.

Support of FC and iSCSI in the same system differentiates Zetta from other CDP startups. Otherwise, Zetta's product resembles those of a growing roster of vendors, including Mendocino Software, Revivio Inc., and XOsoft (see Revivio Vies for Backup Bucks and XOsoft Hits Rewind).

For now, Zetta is shooting for midsize and smaller SANs running Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle databases. Its pricing begins at $5,000 for single-server licenses, and runs to $18,000 for allowing remote replication over multiple sites. With more of a large-enterprise focus, Mendocino and Revivio CDP pricing begins at around $50,000. XOSoft, a more direct competitor to Zetta, starts at around $25,000.

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