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YottaYotta Gotta Customer

NEW YORK -- Wotta relief! At long last, YottaYotta Inc. has shipped its high-end, distributed storage system to its first paying customers, said Steve Mattioli, YottaYotta's president and CEO, at the RBC Capital Markets conference here today.

The company's two initial customers, who received the final shipping product late last month, are the Capital Health Authority, a network of 28 Canadian hospitals, and Internet2, a consortium of 200 universities that is developing a high-speed, next-generation Internet. In addition, YottaYotta has two other customers who are in "acceptance testing," which the company hopes to announce later in January.

"We're going to be shipping product this quarter, and we have salespeople approaching companies in similar vertical industries," Mattioli said. [Ed. note: We think Steve would have jumped up and down for joy, except that he hobbled in on crutches.] YottaYotta's four target markets are: outsourced service providers; high-performance computing; medical imaging; and large enterprises with more than one data center.

The NetStorager system, which finished a seven-month beta test cycle on Dec. 20, 2002, allows multiple, geographically distributed systems to automatically keep their data in sync. The modular system, which uses an internal InfiniBand-based backplane, can scale up to handle into the petabytes of storage, the company claims. Moreover, because of its efficient bandwidth handling, the NetStorager system can achieve extremely high site-to-site replication, the company claims. YottaYotta last month said it achieved 11.1 Gbyte/s throughput over a 2,000-mile link, which would let an organization transfer 1 petabyte of storage in less than 10 hours (see YottaYotta Claims World Record).

Its first customer wins are obviously a major milestone after a three-year journey, during which time one of its main would-be competitors -- Cereva Networks -- crashed and burned. YottaYotta itself had been quiet for so long, we had started to wonder about its longevity (see YottaYotta Still in the Game? and Cereva Is Cerover).

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