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XenSource Launches XenOptimizer and Xen 3.0

The art of Xen will soon be in the hands of corporate customers as an enterprise-class open source alternative to VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server.

On Monday, the creators of Xen – XenSource -- officially launched its first commercial virtualization platform and the completion of the Xen 3.0 release.

XenSource's first commercial offering, called XenOptimizer, is an integrated virtual infrastructure management platform that will go up against VMware's VirtualCenter and VMotion technologies, executives said.

The key to that release is the completion of Xen 3.0, a significantly enhanced update to the open source project's release that offers important enterprise features such as support for 32-way SMP guests, 32 bit, PAE, and 64 bit processors and support for unmodified operating systems using Intel's VT-x virtualization technology. Support for AMD's "Pacifica" technology will be available in the near future, executives of XenSource said.

Industry observers say Xen 3.0 is a significant threat to proprietary solutions with its enterprise-class features and widespread support from open source leaders Red Hat, Novell, IBM, Sun and the Open Source Development Labs. Red Hat and Novell, for instance, will incorporate Xen 3.0 in their respective next generation Linux distributions in 2006.

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