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The World's Biggest SANs

We at Byte and Switch are on the trail of the world's biggest SAN, and this article reveals our initial findings.

There are several reasons we've embarked on the search for gargantuan storage networks. For one, large SANs push the envelope. If I'm looking to expand a network of 5 Tbytes, what better way than to study the fate of those who've gone above the petabyte level? Big SAN stories furnish a glimpse into the outer limits of scaleability.

Really big storage networks also are highly visible and get lots of feedback and testing. Often, this yields information that is useful in similar situations -- albeit on a smaller scale.

Those are just a few of the reasons we're seeking big SANs. The most compelling driver is that, like everyone, we enjoy a great story. And what better tale to tell than one of new frontiers in our chosen field of coverage?

Again, this list is meant to be a starting place for further endeavor. If you've got a big SAN story to tell, we'd love to hear it. Hit that message board, call us, or send us a message.

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