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WinZip 10 Pro

Do a search for zipping tools on the Internet, and you'll find plenty listed. But the category, launched by Philip Katz and PKZip, is today dominated by WinZip, with 150 million downloads to its credit. With version 10, WinZip takes a major step toward being a full-fledged desktop backup tool, particularly for small and medium enterprises, rather than just another file-compression program.

WinZip now comes in two versions, Standard and Pro. I tested the Pro edition, which, like the standard version, is distributed as shareware; the download for both is the same, the only difference is the registration code. WinZip has always been distinguished by its tight integration with Windows, and its easy-to-use interface. In addition to backup enhancements, version 10 features the new PPMd open-source compression algorithm. PPM stands for "prediction by partial matching," where the probability of the next character in a sequence is predicted based on the previous characters. PPMd compression results in highly compressed files of certain formats, but getting there is a compute-intensive process.

WinZip Pro Compression Formats

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