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WinMagic Updates Encryption

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- WinMagicR Inc., the innovative leader
in full-disk encryption, today announces the release of SecureDoc v.4.3.
This version incorporates an improved user-friendly Graphical User Interface

to make it simple for administrators to manage all communications between
SecureDoc clients and the SecureDoc Enterprise Server in real-time.
Increased functionality includes a new log system to provide administrators
with enhanced system feedback, and a quarantine system to expedite the
trouble shooting of communication problems.

SecureDoc v4.3's flexible functionality enables the system to determine
whether communication with the server should be postponed to lower potential

network traffic. Designed to fit any organization's security policy,
SecureDoc v4.3 also provides administrators and users with the ability to
encrypt different partitions with respective encryption keys during the
initial full-disk encryption process - making it simple to encrypt specific
areas of the hard drive.

SecureDoc v4.3 provides improved Removable Media Encryption (RME)
functionality, which can be easily enabled from a Windows Explorer browser.
Regardless of whether an endpoint device is running SecureDoc full-disk
encryption software or not, USB thumb drives can now be easily read with
WinMagic's DiskViewer - a free download utility from the
This functionality makes it easy for SecureDoc users to not only encrypt
removable media, but also transport the USB thumb drive for use on other
computers without the purchase of additional licenses - provided the user
authenticates to the USB device.

WinMagic Inc.