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Windows Live Mail Almost Supports Firefox

Microsoft Corp.'s latest update of Windows Live Mail, the eventual replacement for MSN Hotmail, supports the Firefox Web browser nearly on par with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft added support for rival Firefox, which is controlled by the Mozilla Corp., in the latest upgrade of its Web mail client that replicates the look and feel of the software maker's popular Outlook. While all the core functions of Live Mail are supported in Firefox, there are some missing features, which diehard users of the open source browser can probably live without while the service is in beta.

Poor spellers won't have a backstop in Firefox, since spell check is only available in Microsoft IE. Other missing features are more minor, such as the ability to resize windowpanes, such as for shortcuts to folders, inbox mail lists and email previews.

Firefox users with a taste for color won't be able to change background colors.

In general, however, Firefox support is nearly complete, and users of the open source browser should feel less like a second-class citizen.