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Will Apple Launch An iVoice Gadget?

Apple's next-generation operating system, code-named Leopard, will include VoIP and videoconferencing bundled into iChat 4.0, according to reports. But I don't think Apple will stop there: Expect it to launch a nifty VoIP device, called iVoice maybe?
Vonage has already announced a tiny USB gadget that when plugged into a PC works like a Vonage phone. Expect it to be the first in a wave of similar devices from other manufacturers.

Why would Apple bother to follow suit? Look no further than the success of the iPod, which single-handedly revived the company. Not only did it bring in massive amounts of revenue, but it spurred people to buy Macs as well. Beyond that, it led to the creation of the iTunes store, another cash cow.

A nifty iVoice could do the same for the company. Imagine a small, sleek USB device that also carried plenty of storage, enough to hold the kernel of the new Mac OS. Because the Mac is now Intel based, you could plug the device into a PC as well as a Mac, and it could run the Apple OS, and let you make VoIP phone calls via iChat.

Give it Wi-Fi capabilities, so you could make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi networks. While you're at it, make it a music player as well.

Then sell all kinds of upgrades to it -- videocameras, videoscreens and more. PC people would buy it as well as Mac people. And it could spur Mac sales as well.

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