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Wide-Open WAN

the products have a common interface that established Fluke Networks customers will recognize and that new customers will find easy to use.

The OptiView WAN Analyzer can work as a standalone tool or as part of a wider monitoring strategy. It not only works well with other tools from Fluke Networks, but also integrates with third-party management systems, including Concord Communications' eHealth suite and other industry-standard protocol-analysis platforms. The analyzer digs deep, actively discovering devices, routes, encapsulation types and more across WAN links. And with standard RMON and RMON2 reporting capabilities, SNMP trap generation and real-time event and trouble alerts, the OptiView WAN Analyzer makes quick work of demystifying the far end of the network with good local reporting.

Fluke's OptiView

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Let There Be Light

The hardest part of installing the OptiView WAN Analyzer is arranging the interruption of the WAN link to be monitored. In my case,

I needed to coordinate a brief outage to an OC-3 link--not a particularly popular idea with most network managers, especially when the link is your ISP feed.

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