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Who Took My Application Data?

Workstation and server-based security tools do little to protect against employees downloading data and storing it on laptops or USB drives that can be lost or stolen.
To help protect your data, take a look at products such as Vontu's DLP 8. Vontu offers endpoint and network-based technology to prevent the loss of confidential data wherever it is stored or used. Vontu enables organizations to locate stored data anywhere and automatically protect it and dispose of it when appropriate.

For any organization looking at security, they need to consider the portability of the data and ensure that they fortify their data, not just systems. Vontu can help by using an agent-based product with the ability to scan local systems for confidential data, and Vontu's Endpoint Prevent, which prevents users from copying such data to removable storage devices like iPods and USB drives.

Vontu also uses a technology called TrueMatch for deep content inspection to determine what lies within your environment. Vontu can even find data stored in SharePoint, Documentum, Microsoft Exchange and other enterprise repositories. By ensuring that customer data is protected and not copied, organizations can reduce the potential of regulatory fines and bad PR from loosing customer data.

Vontu Enforce Platform delivers allows users to build data loss policies that, once written, can be applied across all of the Vontu product lines. Each policy is a combination of detection rules and automatic response rules. A data loss incident is created when data violates a pre-written data loss policy. Customers can create their own policies or can leverage dozens of pre-built Vontu policy templates that are tailored to each industry. When audit time rolls around, you can then produce detailed reporting to show those policies as well as the enforcement mechanism employed to deal with the issue.

Other software pioneers in this data protection market include WebSense, Vericept, Code Green Networks, and Reconnex.