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Where Are They Now? A Look at Past Top 10 Startups

With spring and its promise of warm weather just around the corner, it seems a good time to revisit last summer's list of Byte and Switch Top 10 Storage Startups to Watch.

This is the third of a series of self-reviews. Over the last few months, we have revisited our first and second rounds of startup lists to see how the companies we picked as "top tenners" have actually performed.

It hasn't always been easy to pick up the track, as you'll see. But we've persisted, in an effort to sift the good from the better --- and the not-so-good -- in our past picks.

This article reviews the list we made in August 2008 -- an eclectic bunch, with offerings from security and removable media to application virtualization, all scrambling to make their presence felt in an increasingly tough economic climate.

As with our previous follow-ups, we've completed our soul-searching with rankings according to the following scale: 5 = outstanding choice; 4 = good choice; 3 = not a bad choice overall; 2 = what were we thinking?; 1 = egg facial.

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