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What's new at SNW...

Well, the major events of SNW are over for this year, and there's a lot new out there yet again...
Highlites from the show:

- iSCSI is getting upscale: More robust, higher priced products are hitting the market
- FC is fighting back: There are several SMB/SME FC products that are more simple and compete with high-end iSCSI on price.
- Overall interoperation is starting to emerge. Vendors are releasing cross-vendor products in all categories -mostly, but not only, in software.
- iSCSI and FC boot from LAN with blade server support is here or coming soon.

- The market is still a little confused about when iSCSI or NAS is 'good enough' and when FC is required. For the absolute top end and absolute low-end there's little confusion, but for all other customers, it depends upon which vendor you speak to.
- The same is true of SCSI/SATA. It now appears that this market will take longer for vendors to "get it" than the iSCSI/NAS market.